Monday Manners: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

…don’t say anything at all.  Okay, so this may seem a bit harsh to some of you, especially if you agree with the girl writing this letter to the editor, but I just had to share this.  I can hear every mom in the world out there reading her inquiry, and saying in unison, “Did she REALLY just say that?!”

Thanks Fried Pink Tomato for posting this article.  So so gratifying…even let the hubs read it the other night.
On another note, this weekend was so great…nice and relaxing.  I hope y’all had a great weekend too!  We actually made it to church, since we were finally in town for once.  I was so glad to be back.  Keeps me grounded.  W even walked up to the children’s moment by herself this time…this was a big step, and she was so proud of herself, and we were too.  Last night, we cooked out at a friend’s, with about ten singleton friends or so.  W and E were content enjoying their backyard.  W thinks every leafy plant is mint lately, so she kept pulling weeds up from one part of their yard, and bringing them in, saying, “Do you want to smell some mint?”  No one had the heart to tell her otherwise.  Pretty entertaining.

One last heads up…If any of you had an interest in the classic, Rachel Leigh Audrey bracelet that I posted a little while back (click here for the earlier post)…you’re in luck!  From now until 11pm tonight, The Aisle has the ice blue, white, light pink, gold and silver Audrey bracelets on sale for $47 (that includes shipping, and no tax!).  They’re normally $72!  Click here for your free invitation to The Aisle, so you can have a look.  Also, I even went so far as to call the Rachel Leigh boutique in New York a couple of months ago, inquiring about the white one (because it wasn’t available online anymore), and they said they were on back-order, and then later got an email from Summer is a Verb that they were being discontinued, so needless to say, here’s your chance to get these before they’re gone!

Thanks Living Well, for the heads up on this sale!
I had a couple of inquiries about where I purchased the girls’ terry blue/white striped dresses, that they wore after the pool to get yogurt, on Thursday.  They’re Ralph Lauren.  I believe they have them in a pink/white stripe and yellow/white stripe, as well.  I’m a Carolina girl (North Carolina Tarheel girl that is, for all of my South Carolina readers), so I had to get the light blue/white color combo.

For the record, four of us went to UNC, one went to NC State, and the youngest of the sisters is at South Carolina now.  See, UNC wins in our family…haha…well, aside from my parents (my mom went to Clemson) and my dad (went to The Citadel and then MUSC in Charleston).  Honestly, my mom is a die-hard Tiger and my dad has no true alliance.  Sorry, Daddy.  He tends to cheer on whichever daughter’s alma mater is in college at the time…so right now, he cheers on the Gamecocks…boo.  Many of his brothers, AND his nieces and nephews went/go to Clemson, and he STILL cheers for South Carolina…just don’t get it.

How lovely and nautical is this navy top?  It’s classy, with a subtle touch of summer.  A great piece!

Oh, and while we’re on Lilly, no shock there, has anyone picked up their newest agenda yet?

Ramble, ramble today.  Sorry about that!

Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing another giveaway, so stay tuned.
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

6 thoughts on “Monday Manners: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

  1. Wow! That is insensitive. I don't have kids and my two besties do. I know they are busy and they need attention at this young age. I relish the moments we have as just girls even more now. And I also cherish every moment we spend with the kids too. I get why they are tired and give them passes when they are to do something. We have the rest of our lives to still hang out.

  2. I can understand the woman writing the letter. She's a person like myself. Always on the go and make friends and family a priority – like I do. And I have children, and a doctor, have a husband, own a business, and make homemade meals at least 5 times a week. It's unfortunate that people only make some things a priority in their lives when their friends and family have always been there for them. Why can't you prioritize while driving the kids home, or call after they go to bed? That's what I do. May not be right or wrong, but I make an effort to maintain my relationships which this person is saying that her friends with kids do not. I can relate. It's hard when you try so hard to maintain and others do not. Don't get me wrong. I know it's hard to juggle kids and family life and everything else……but really, you do what is important to you. You really do.

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