Monday Manners: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

…then don’t say anything at all, unless it needs to be said.  Haha.

Did y’all enjoy the Super Bowl?  I have my opinions.  First, it was a GREAT game!  I’m so glad Green Bay won!  Aaron Rodgers deserved it.  Thought it was funny that Chevy gave him that Camaro for being MVP, when he clearly could afford something better with his salary.  And as for Ben and his Steelers?  One word, KARMA.  Be nice to girls from now on Benny, and maybe your team will win their seventh SB, one day.

Other thoughts:

Christina Aguilera:  Learn the lyrics, it’s kind of a big deal.  Less is more – regarding make-up and voice.  She way overdid both.

Lea Michele:  Beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful.

Halftime Show:  Man, I was so bummed the Black Eyed Peas weren’t better.  I think all of the hiccups with the production really threw them off.  I think Fergie said her ear piece wasn’t working, and the sound was off sometimes on different microphones.  They’re definitely better in concert.  I just hated it for them, because it didn’t showcase how fun and entertaining they really are to watch.  Also, that stage was just way too big, especially since there wasn’t a band.  But good for them, for not lip-syncing it, as many Super Bowl performers have done in the past.  LOVED Fergie’s hair!  They’re still my favorite running music!

Favorite Super Bowl commercial:  Sprinkling the Doritos on the grandpa’s ashes.  Hilarious.  Most of the other commercials tried way too hard.  Sometimes simplicity is key.  #2 Favorite: “The Force” Darth Vader one, #3: the Faith Hill one.  Notice how I don’t even know what most of the commercials were advertising.  Haha.

And in conclusion, I have a question for y’all.  I’m not sure if you even picked up on it, but did you see how Eminem did the commercial about Brisk Iced Tea, and the whole commercial talked about how he wouldn’t do a commercial unless it had hot girls, his singing, at his house, and the product had to be named after him, and at the end he said, “Then I’m not doing the commercial (or something like that)”, and his clay-mation character walked off?  Well, what’s up with the Chrysler commercial then?  Lame.  He shouldn’t have done the first one.  I guess if you want the money, you’d do both though.

Happy Monday!

The girls are FINALLY better.  We got out of the house today, got my car tuned, did a little shopping at Toys & Co., went to PetSmart to see the animals, Bruegger’s and now naptime.  Ahhh, my life is back to normal!  Thank the Lord!

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17 thoughts on “Monday Manners: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

  1. I could not agree with you more about Christina! She definitely overdid it in every way possible. Lea Michele, on the other hand, was amazing! Christina could learn a few things from her: how to dress, the appropriate amount of makeup, actually knowing the lyrics, etc.

    I also loved the Darth Vader commercial. They had the little boy on the Today Show today and he was so adorable! Glad to hear your girls are feeling much better 🙂

  2. Hi, I am a new follower of your blog (do not think I have posted any comments yet). I LOVED the Darth Vader commercial… without a doubt my fave! I am a U.S. History teacher so Christina not knowing the lyrics to the Anthem REALLY bothered me!

  3. I agree with you about Christina 100% (I'm with LoneStarPrep!). In fact, my post tomorrow is my all-time favorite (Super Bowl) anthem. Classy and done right.

    I absolutely LOVED Lea Michele. What a beautiful voice and a lovely girl. I had goosebumps!

    I was glad to see Green Bay won. 🙂

    Hope you are having a nice day!

  4. Agreed on all points! X-tina looked trashy as always- I mean brush your hair please and learn the lyrics. Half-time show was a let down but it was more entertaining to me than the game. Loved the doritos and Darth Vader commercials too. You were right on about everything!

  5. Good morning from Tokyo!

    We were already into our Monday when the Superbowl took place, but thankfully could catch the highlights online. The commercials were more than a little disappointing (which is sad considering how much a two minute spot costs), but the Volkswagon commercial warmed me from the inside out. We loved that sweetness!

    So glad to hear that the girls are feeling better.

    My best to you and yours…



  6. So with you about Christina, that was a shame! I mean really, learn the lyrics and don't tell us you're just caught up in the moment…It's not like it was her first performance to a sold out crowd!

    Didn't see many commercials, GG is sick…AGAIN! Ugh, what is it with our littles and the sickies!?

    And LASTLY—love your manners reminder today! I know soooo many people lately that need this printed and stuck to their forehead! Okay not the nicest thing for me to say, but I get so annoyed when people start thinking they are doing the world a favor by sharing their 2 cents, especially when it's rude and somewhat negative!

    Happy Monday!

  7. I, too, love your manners reminder. Sometimes even the grown-ups need a lesson! I'm so glad your girls are better. We've been passing it around this house, too, and after a week and a half, it's not over yet. Hopefully everyone will be well soon!

  8. I wish snickers had come up with a new idea.
    And I so agree about Christina. I have heard how great BEPs are in concert and was disappointed not to see that last night. I did enjoy the effects.

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