Monday Manners: How to Be a Lady

I think I need this book, How to Be a Lady, by Candice Simpson-Giles.  According to Bethany, over at Maryland Pink and Green, Brooks Brothers carries it.  She posted about it this past week.  Loved her favorite tips from the book:

~ A lady knows that trends come and go, while true style is timeless.

~ A lady knows that false congeniality is as obvious as bad false eyelashes.

~ A lady does not give surprise birthday parties or baby or bridal showers unless she is certain the honoree likes to be surprised.

~ A lady should never ask someone if she looks fat in something.

~ When faced with life’s minor setbacks, a lady does not act like a victim.

~ A lady knows when it’s time to say good night.
I couldn’t agree more, Bethany!  Thanks so much for a great, useful post.  I must go and pick me up a copy.  Brooks Brothers is only two doors down from J.Crew at the mall.   On the next rainy day, I know where the girls and I are headed…


After posting all the fun accessories that Vineyard Vines is carrying lately, on Friday’s post here, they have a great offer, valid today only.  Even if you want just one coozie ($5), or a pair of croakies ($8.50), you can make it yours with FREE SHIPPING, no minimum amount required!  Just enter the code: MONDAY at check-out.  Happy Shopping!

Not sure if any of you watched the Tony Awards last night, but the hubs was sweet enough to record them for me, while I was out last night (W, E and I went with the hubs’ parents (the hubs didn’t come, he had a 24-hour stomach bug) to see a symphony in the park).  And no, he didn’t watch the Tony Awards, he was busy watching the Mavs vs. Heat game.  I watched the award show this afternoon while the girls napped, and loved it!  How great was Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business Without Trying?  It seems as though Broadway has become the new thing for A-List celebrities…more like the Oscars, than the Tonys last night.  And Neil Patrick Harris did an incredible job as host…maybe they can get him to replace Franco next year for the Oscars.  Here’s hoping!

 The pool’s finally open this week, with normal summer hours 10-7!
We’ll be there everyday this week.
Swimming till our hands and feet wrinkle…
Oh, and for those of you with Blackberries, like myself, who have been wondering if Lilly Pulitzer is ever going to come out with a case for our crackberries, well you’re finally in luck!  Wait until you see the Fall Lifeguard Press line.  Can’t wait!  It’s finally arrived!
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17 thoughts on “Monday Manners: How to Be a Lady

  1. Girl for some reason, I can't find your blog design giveaway! Thanks for letting me know – as you can tell, I desperately need one! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my goodness – it would help if I actually read your comment slowly instead of working and doing 1,000 things at the same time! πŸ˜‰

  3. Love those tips!!! They are all so true. I might have to just pick that book up. I was at the pool all weekend and I am just loving it!!!

  4. I love books on manners and etiquette- I couldn't count how many times I've put a pack of chewing gum into my buggy, then back onto the shelf because I couldn't stop thinking about how un-ladylike it was, lol!

  5. I love that book! I have yet to purchase it though. And I can't wait to spend all weekend at the pool. I'm a crackberry owner as well, however one of my good girl friends got me an awesome hot pink case from Kate Spade for my bday, so I don't think I'll be switching anytime soon πŸ˜‰

  6. Can't wait to get my hands on the book– and LOVED THE TONYS <3 NPH. Enjoy your time in the pool– can't wait til I can this weekend!

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