Monday Manners: Emily Post’s Manners: For 3-5 Year Olds

A couple of months ago, I posted about Emily Post’s Manners: One to Three Years Old.  Since my daughters are now in the next age range of Emily Post’s Manners: Three to Five Years, I’ve been reading up on what I need to be teaching them.  I thought y’all would be interested in reading it, too.  And please pass it on!

Emily Post’s Manners
Three to Five Years
(excerpt from Emily Post’s Etiquette: Manners for a New World)
Kids in this age group are developing manual dexterity and confidence as they take on increasingly complex skills.  They interact with peers and adults in structured play groups or daycare.
Magic words.  This is the time children begin to “write” their own thank-you notes: A child tells his parent what he likes about the gift, the parent writes the short thank-you note, and the child adds a drawing or “Signs” his name.  Children this age can also be expected to say “thank you.” They’ll need reminding often, but don’t give up.  By the time they’re four or five, they can also add “excuse me” and “you’re welcome” to their list of magic words.
Conversation.  At this age children are learning the fundamental skills of good conversation.  You can help by reminding them to:
– Speak slowly and clearly.
– Not interrupt unless it’s an emergency.
– Take turns talking.
Phones.  While some three-five-year-olds have a difficult time on the phone, it’s time for them to try at least a simple hello.  At first it’s helpful if the person on the other end is someone they see and speak to often – Dad or Grandma, for example.  When they are only three or four, kids may simply look at the phone and refuse to say anything. Encourage them to say hello but if they don’t, gently take back the phone and try again another time.  Webcams and VolP (Voice over Internet Protocol) may make phone visits easier and more user-friendly.
Table Manners
This is a building time – a perfect time to teach manners at the table.  Children this age can:
– Add forks to their repertoire of eating utensils.
– Put napkins on their laps (definitely by the time they are five).
– Chew with their mouths closed.
– Participate in table conversations, so be sure to include them.
– Ask to be excused when finished eating, especially if others plan to stay longer at the table.
– Help with simple table setting and clearing.
Out and About
At this age children are with you throughout the day as you do your errands and daily activities.
– Encourage them to help load the grocery cart and unload small bags at home.
– Lunch at a fast-food restaurant provides the opportunity to work on basic line manners, early restaurant manners, and clearing the table.
– This is a time to reinforce basic manners with service people in a variety of venues – shops, restaurants, banks or post office – and with people who provide service to you at home.
When out and about, you can help your child learn from what he observes.  Point out and talk about examples of good manners and bad behavior.  “That lady was so nice to the checkout person when she said “Thank you” or (out of earshot) “Did you notice how that man let the door slam on the woman behind him?”
It’s a rainy day here, today.  So thankful I got the girls into school this morning, before the bottom fell out!  I wear my tried and true Hunters every time it rains, but of course, now I’m wanting a new color.  I’ve had a pair of black ones for about three years now, and I love that they go with everything, but on the days when I want a pop of fun color, I’ve been leaning towards these…
And now that I’m inside, I’m wanting these…on such a gloomy day…
Does anyone own these?  Should I size up or down?
What do you wear on your feet, on rainy days?  I’ve tried L.L. Bean’s Duck Boots, but they just don’t work for me, like my Hunters do.
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!
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12 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Emily Post’s Manners: For 3-5 Year Olds

  1. I have two pairs of the ugg dakota loafers! They keep my feet so warm. My newest pair is a size 8 I don't think uggs come in half sizes and I am usually a size 7.5.

    How do the Hunters run size wise? I was told to size down but they squish my ankles when I wear heavy socks.

    1. Thanks for your advice on the Uggs. I'm a size 8.5, and have a pair of 9s in the Hunters. But I think I'm going to try going smaller, as they're a little loose. I don't wear heavy socks with them, so I haven't had that problem with my ankles. Good luck!

  2. I was just at the Nordstrom Rack near my house and they had a few pair of Hunter boots in each size. If you have a Rack you should definitely check there! I think they were only $80.

  3. Thank you for teaching your children good manners. So many parents seem to have forgotten how important these basic methods of social interaction are! I don't have children yet, but from my time working in a preschool, I know children at this age can learn good manners, if only they are given the opportunity. On behalf of your children's future teachers, employers, and coworkers, thank you!

    1. Thank you! I used to teach first grade, so maybe that's why I'm so determined to have my children be well behaved and good mannered. W picked up yes ma'am and no ma'am quick, but it's definitely taking me a little longer to get it engrained in E's head. Lol.

  4. The purple Hunters are on my list too! I have gray ones, but sometimes I just want some color. And, I want Molly and me to match 😉

    Love the manners. I was told the other day that I put too much emphasis on getting Molly to say please and thank you and excuse me, but I just don't think so! Etiquette is totally a lost art, but I'm determined to make it stick at our house.

  5. Danskos in the rain, and all the time for that matter, when I'm not in TB flats 🙂 -love them, so comfy and easy to keep up with the kids in them! Hunters too, but they're not always as wear-able for me, sometimes a bit clunky.

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