Monday Manners: Child-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips

Happy Monday!  I hope y’all had a wonderful, warm weekend!  It sleeted here, but that didn’t stop us from getting our tree!  Photos of us decorating our tree will come later this week.  I found the article below on Yahoo’s Associated Content, and thought I’d share it with you!  Here’s hoping you can get a child involved in decorating for Christmas with you – although, even without children, some of these ideas sounded cute, and SIMPLE!

There is not another holiday that inspires more excitement and hope in small children than Christmas. Because of this excitement there are few things kids enjoy more than helping out with decorating for Christmas. Here are ten tips for letting children be involved:

Have Your Children Make Christmas Crafts

Whether they make construction paper chains for the Christmas tree with Scotch tape or craft garlands out of popcorn colored with food dye, involving your kids in Christmas crafts is sure to bring hours of enjoyment for the entire family.

Check Christmas Lights

For kids who are a little older and more astute, a project that will make them feel grown up is a plus. Let an 8-12 year old set out Christmas lights according to color strands and do quality checks to make sure all systems are go before the lights go up on the tree.

Unpack Ornaments

Smaller children can unpack a box of soft ornaments or handmade ornaments they have created in years past. This not only makes them feel responsible but instills pride in their accomplishments and encourages further creativity.

Unpack Christmas Tree

Any child that recognizes letters, colors, or numbers can unpack the Christmas tree (if an artificial trees) and separate out the various branches into groups based on their assignment. Not only does this allow them to participate but it saves time when snapping together the tree.

Hang Stockings

Children love to be responsible for their personal Christmas possessions, so let them decorate by hanging up their own Christmas stocking while fantasizing about the wonderful goodies they will pull out of it on Christmas morning.

Plot Out Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you family is going to be decorating outdoors with Christmas lights, let your child get in on the planning. Sit down with a pack of markers, a big sheet of paper, and a cup of cocoa and plan out the designs before heading outside with the lights. Since the children can not be involved with actual decorating on the roof or in trees, letting them in on the planning stages can really make them feel special.

Shop for a Decoration

Should your family need a new outdoor or indoor decoration this year, then let your child help pick it out. Whether it is a new angel for the Christmas tree or an inflatable snowman for the front yard, their input can be invaluable and a welcome bit of original creativity!

Pick a Candy for Refreshment Trays

Many homes will have a tray or two in the house containing Christmas candies for guests to munch on or to add ambiance to the home in general. Let your child in on the fun by letting them pick out the candy for the decorative tray. Advise them on the purpose of the candy and the importance of thinking about guests and their tastes.

Refrigerator Art

Children love to make refrigerator art, and Christmas refrigerator art can mean some really unique holiday decorations. Encourage your child to do a “12 Days of Christmas Spread” with a special creation added everyday.

Use an Advent Calendar

“Start the holiday countdown on December 1st with our advent calendar. Its 25 canvas bags hang from a jute backing and wood dowels, ready to fill with treats and other seasonal surprises. Each of the numbers was silk-screened by hand, using a variety of type styles.”

These calendars are lovely decorations in and of themselves, and they can become a fun family tradition.

These ten tips should have you well on your way to having a very fun-filled Christmas decorating session or two with your children!

Merry Monday!
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  1. this makes me want to be a kid again! we used an advent calender that my paternal grandmother made for my dad when he was a boy and i can't wait to use it with my kids. i'm tempted to just use it now anyways 🙂

  2. Love the idea for an advent calendar! I'm so excited that next year GG will be old enough to experience all these fun things that come along with the holidays!

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