Monday Manners: Are You Pregnant? No, Seriously??

Sometimes you wonder how people haven’t gotten the memo that it’s NEVER okay to ask a woman if she’s pregnant, unless you’re absolutely sure.  Awkward Alert!

My friend that’s due in October has been posting some inappropriate/obnoxious comments she’s received, while being pregnant, and I just had to share them with you.  I seriously want to punch these strangers in the face, for their rudeness.  I’ve also included some additional comments that other friends have responded to, based on her posts.

From my friend’s posts:

Instead of getting offended or mad, I’ve decided to share with all of you, so we all can have a good laugh. FYI – I’m 30 weeks pregnant and in my 7th month. As I’m walking into work this morning, my first interaction is an inappropriate one:
Guy: “When’s the due date?”
Me: “October.”
Guy: “Not until then??? Wow – you look like you are ready now.”
Guy at work pointing to my belly – “Twins?”
Me – “No, only one.”
Guy – “Ohhhhhhhhh.”
Person: “You are having a girl right?”
Me: “Yes! How did you know?”
Person: “I could tell by your face. It’s a lot more swollen and fuller.”
Walking in to get my hair cut: “Man, you are about to BUST!” My reply – “Not yet. 6 more weeks.” Ugh!  I wasn’t that offended. You should have seen the way she looked.

And additional comments that others have received:

I had a guy stop me on the street when I was 36 weeks and say “Um, the hospital is that way…” and then laugh at his own joke. Creep.

It really is unreal what people will say- I had a co worker ask me if I’d eaten the whole Thanksgiving turkey. I almost punched her 🙂 

This past week, people have decided to ask my wife when our twins are due. This is not good.

While pregnant suffering through a spin class a very beautiful gym patron said she could tell I was having a girl. When I asked how (in front of the class) she replied that baby girls suck the pretty out of you! Nice!

For all of you pregnant mamas out there, or mamas that have been pregnant, what absurd comments have you heard?  And for all of you not pregnant yet…just wait, see all the fun you have to look forward to?  Oh, and if you’re saying to yourself…well, I’m pretty laid back, I’d just let the comments roll off my back…just wait until those lovely pregnancy hormones kick in.  🙂

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9 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Are You Pregnant? No, Seriously??

  1. Too funny!
    Men also are so unaware… when I was 38 weeks pregnant I had to STAND on the train both ways to and from work bc no one would stand up and offer me their seat. One day FINALLY a woman (who was also standing) yelled at a few of them telling them they were all raised with out manners and that their wives would all kill them!

    Trust me no one could mistake I was pregnant. At 30 weeks I had a man ask me if I was over due b/c I looked so miserable. He didn't even want to ride the elevator with me in the even we would get stuck.

  2. People and their lack of manners continue to amaze me. However, CONGRATS to your friend on being pregnant! That's so exciting!

  3. These are awesome! I am about 5 months and barely showing and people are like, wow…you look awesome! It's my first so i kind of want to show! I knwo they are being nice but they should just stick with you look great!

  4. Even though I have not been pregnant, this post is hilarious! I definitely have some friends to share it with. It almost makes me scared about pregnancy – I hope I give people a piece of my mind if it happens to me. I hope I can trust that living in Texas men will offer me their seats at 38 weeks!! That is despicable! But I went to a college where young men offered their seats to ladies on the buses daily, so they have been trained well 😉

  5. How RUDE!!! Something to look forward to one day… until then, I can suffer through the "when are you going to have a baby?" questions. Your Monday Manners should be mandatory for some people! 🙂

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