Merry Christmas!

Some pretty excited faces at the top of the stairs at 6am on Christmas morning!  This will probably be the last year they’ll all be able to sit on the same step!

Sweet boys.


The girls loved their little aprons.

Snowflake the Elf still camouflaging himself to try and stay extra days.

Boozer taking it all in.

Effie in her new cowgirl boots.  Y’all have no idea how excited she was about receiving these!  Her biggest request!

Logan on his new green scooter and new rainboots.  Bet you can’t guess his favorite color. 😉

Wheeler and her new bike!

Vaughn and his new helicopter and new yellow rainboots.

One of our neighbors snapped this pic with their Instax camera while the kids were caroling.  Such a cute capture!

The girls looking so studious…and way too old!

Another tradition – going to see a movie on Christmas Day.  We loved Mary Poppins Returns.  Nothing compared to the original, but still a great movie!

Makes me laugh.  We need to work on our photobooth game.

Such a fun day!  Lots of you asked about this sweater that I can’t stop wearing.  It’s super soft and not itchy at all.  It’s long enough to wear with leggings too.  Wearing these earrings too.  Currently on major sale!

One of my favorite gifts – their little rainboots! // Sparkle Aqua // Sparkle Pink // Green // Yellow

I hope y’all had a wonderful day spending time with friends and family!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
xoxo, The Brown Family

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  1. Hi, Merry Christmas! What helicopter did you get your son? My son got a drone but it was for ages 14+ and he lost it after two flights. Luckily it wasn’t expensive but he is pretty upset so I hope to find something more age appropriate. Thank you!

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