Meeting the 2009 Athlete of the Year

Well, sort of…

So, last night as you know, we went to CANTINA, a Mexican restaurant here in Charlotte.  After my sweet daughter was tired of sitting in her highchair for about an hour, she wanted to get down.  I let her down, and she went from booth to booth, trying to climb in the empty ones and saying “Hey!” to the ones that people were sitting in (very social girl).  She did this for a little while, and at one point, she started climbing into a circle booth in the corner of the restaurant, actually directly behind where our group of 10 was sitting.  I noticed a couple was sitting in the other side of the booth, and as W tried to climb in the booth, the man said “C’mon on up, you want to join us?”  I didn’t want to bother them, so I glanced up to apologize and noticed it was JIMMIE JOHNSON and his wife, Chandra.  So funny!  I was like “I’m sorry,” and they didn’t seem to mind.  I mean what else are you supposed to say without looking too starstruck.  I grabbed W in my arms, and all I said was, “W, can you say “Hey Jimmie!”” and she said, “Hey!” So cute!  And he said “Hey!” to her back, and then we went on our way, and W continued to wander around the restaurant.

The whole ride home I was thinking of something better I could have said, but after everything, I think that was the best thing to do.  That way, they could still enjoy their privacy and not have others around us wonder what was going on, and then realize it was Jimmie Johnson too.  How crazy though, that they can go out in Charlotte, and be practically unrecognizable, even sitting open, where everyone could see him.  I mean they had to have come by our table and everything, and no one, even at the tables around us, made a big deal about it, or even looked up.  The other thing I couldn’t believe is that this is right in the middle of race season, I mean the Daytona 500 was just last Sunday.  Alright, enough rambling…

Off to get ready for bible study.

Oh, and Providence Methodist is the preschool we’ve been accepted to so far.

2 thoughts on “Meeting the 2009 Athlete of the Year

  1. Oh my gosh!!! You are so lucky!! Yeah, you should have said, "Aren't you excited about having one of these?" 🙂 Man. Or maybe, "Excuse me but what are you eating? I heard you've been working out hard and eating ultra healthy." He has a personal trainer in NYC. I wonder if he would approve of him eating Mexican. Haha. Okay, can't wait to tell Ray when he gets up!

  2. That is awesome! I like what you said… that way he knew you knew who he was, but you weren't hounding him for an autograph or anything. 🙂

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