It’s March!

I cannot believe it’s March already!  Hopefully soon the weather will start changing, c’mon WARM weather!  We’re all ready for you!  We had a great time with my hubby’s cousin, wife and their daughter this weekend.  The weather was beautiful enough to get lots of Vitamin D.  Definitely a blessing!  My hubby’s parents watched the girls on Saturday night, so we could have an adult night out too.  So fun!  
Our only gripe, since they both work, their daughter is used to waking up at 6am!  So needless to say, after they left on Sunday morning, we definitely caught up on some much needed sleep.  All four of us!  Both girls woke up early both days as well.  We figured out quickly that sound sure does carry in our house, so hearing their daughter, the girls wanted to be up too.  Needless to say, both girls caught up on their sleep last night.  They both went down around 6:30 (normal), and E slept until 7:15 and W, 8:15.  These are both normal wake-up times for the girls, but I was worried they’d get used to waking up early, and keep up that routine.  Guess not, thank goodness!  But even with that only gripe, it was all worth it.  I just wished they lived here, so we could get together more often.
The Girls All Hanging Out.
At the Park
Playing with W.  She runs to you saying, “I get you! I get you!”
All the Girls, the Boys Were Definitely Outnumbered!
Fun Times at Whiskey Warehouse
Me and J
Happy March, Y’all!

2 thoughts on “It’s March!

  1. Love your pictures! Glad you had a fun weekend with friends. 🙂
    Guess what? It's supposed to SNOW again here tomorrow. I'm SO ready to see all the Spring colors and feel the warm sun! At least we still have a couple months to get our beach bodies looking good 😉

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