Loving Lately + Lulu Faves

NYE is tomorrow!  Can’t even believe it!  Can’t wait to use this clutch all year long!  Bring it, 2021!

Such afun mask set!  Scroll below to shop more masks…


We’ve been playing so much pickleball this week in my parents’ driveway!  This net works so well for it!  Andthis set I found is a great price!

My parents also have this set, as well.

Just got these new leggings and love the color!  They’re a different style and fabric that I’m used to, but I love them!  My running shoes are from this summer, but this pair is the same style. // Tank (on sale!)

Love the bright colors and they’re $40 off!

Obsessed with these new leggings and sports bra!  With everything so dark and mostly black this year, I was so excited to see this fun colorful print!

Other Current Lulu Faves

Such a pretty print on these leggings and they’re on sale!  Go up one size.

I haven’t tried this one out yet, but ordered it to see how well it’ll work!

I’ve been waiting for a color I wanted to come out in this mat strap.  Love the hot pink accent.

I’m here for anything camo!  On my early morning cooler runs, I’m always grabbing mittens or gloves to take with me.  Love these!

Carolina plays their bowl game in just a few days.  Loving the color combo of this sweater to wear to cheer on our Tar Heels!

I ordered these boots for the girls.  Not sure how they’ll hold up, but figured at $19 it was worth a shot.  They’re actually big enough to wear womens’ shoes at this point.

These  boots are cute for the little and big girls too!  Only $14!

Got these boots for them too.  On sale for only $24.99!  Available in Womens 6-8.

And while I was at it, I ordered these for them too!  I mean $14.97!  Talk about a steal!  Currently available in sizes 7-11.

We’re getting so excited for NYE!  We’re visiting my parents this week and looking forward to fireworks!  Here’s hoping the rain holds off!  Whatever your plans, y’all stay safe!

Oh and be sure to check back in tomorrow!  I have some EXCITING NEWS to share!

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