Logan’s 4th Birthday + Yesterday’s OOTD

Logan turned 4 yesterday and had the best birthday!  Whenever someone would tell him “Happy Birthday,” he’d repeat it back to them “Happy Birthday!” instead of saying thank you.  The cutest!  He also kept telling everyone he was turning 10 when they asked him how old he was turning.  I’m not sure children turning 10 would be asking for dinosaurs, trucks and trains for their birthday.  Ha!  He also picked out his special dinosaur tee to wear for his big day!
If you remember back during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, they had this train track set on sale and I’d considered it for Logan’s birthday then.  Well, he opened it yesterday and was in heaven!  He’s always had enough tracks to make a small one, but this one has 127 pieces!  There wasn’t enough time in the day for him to get tired of playing with it.  It’s currently sold out at Nordstrom, but I found it available here.  We also gave him this Birthday Thomas that plays music and some other puzzles and books, but the winner was definitely the train track set.

The girls made Logan the cutest cards.  Wheeler created an activities card complete with a maze, find the number and connect-the-dots.
Effie told me she drew a picture of Logan.  Good old, shepherd boy Logan?!  Definitely saving this one.

With one week left of summer, I felt like dressing for the occasion yesterday!  Being the fact that it was also Logan’s birthday, it was fun to dress in bright colors for a change!
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Today is Thirsty Thursday, and I knew I couldn’t leave you without a new fun drink to try.  If you haven’t tried the coconut flavor of La Croix yet, you must!  So refreshing with a subtle coconut taste.  I had one this summer and ever since I’ve been sold!
It’s supposed to be in the low 70s all day with scattered thunderstorms, so I think I’ll be nice and cozy wearing this dress, this necklace and my rain boots (mine are lipstick pink from a few years ago, but Hunter now carries this color pink that’s similar).  It’s Vaughn’s day with me while the kiddos are in school, so I’m anxious to see where he’ll want to go.
Oh yeah and I almost forgot, Shopbop just marked down a lot of new items!
My favorite K. Jacques Sandals are part of the sale.  For sizing, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 39 in them.
These gold perforated Tory Burch Revas were also just marked down too.
Happy Thursday!

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