Logan’s 10th Birthday!

Last Wednesday was Logan’s last day as a 9 year old.  He was actually pretty sad about it.  He kept telling people he didn’t want to grow up and still wishes he could stay 8 forever.  He clearly loves being a boy!

Last Wednesday was also Wheeler’s last day with these teeth!  On Thursday, she got braces that she’ll be wearing for the next couple of years!  Notice all the Starbursts!  I let her eat every sticky, chewy thing she could find before getting her braces, knowing she wouldn’t get to enjoy them for awhile!

This is 10!  And cake for breakfast!

Just growing up too fast!

Logan loves Sonic, so it was an easy theme on his birthday!

Effie made these awesome cardboard cut-outs for Logan at school.  Super sweet!

How fun is this wrapping paper?  Ordered it here.

He loved these little Sonic characters for his ice cream cake!

Logan wanted to celebrate his birthday by having a Saturday Fun Day!  He brought one of his good friends to join in on the fun.

First stop – Sky Zone!

Next up, Taco Boy for lunch.  One of his favorite spots.  Check out that bird in flight!

And finally, we hit up the new candy store on King Street!

They have everything!

Who remembers these??

And these??  Except I remember these being only $.25!

He had the BEST DAY!

My sweet Logan Bear that sure loves his mama.  He always knows how to give me hugs and kisses when I need them and is just the most considerate kid.  He’s constantly thanking people and can even remember gifts he’s received from family and friends even years before.  It’s impressive and also shows how much he cares.  He loves playing tennis, building LEGOS, snuggling with Boozer, playing video games, watching NASCAR races, playing flag football and smiling!  He continues to light up my day every morning with his bright, happy attitude!

Welcome to the double digits, Logan!