It’s Fall, Y’all! + Wheeler Got Braces!

I can’t believe today is the first day of Fall!  You wouldn’t know if after our warm boat day this past weekend, but the evenings are getting significantly cooler, so we know it’s coming!  This is the softest pullover with the coziest liner!

Couldn’t resist getting a little tumbler personalized to mark the occasion!

My friend Sara just opened up a new store on King Street called Beau & Ro and I love every single thing!  If you’re familiar with Madison Matthews, Charleston Shoe Co and Roller Rabbit, it’s right in that area!

Wore this dress.  Love it so much!  The light padding is such a plus!  For fit, it’s pretty true to size.  Wearing a 4.  And the back is the best part!  I’m 5’6″ and can wear it with flats.

Afterward, we headed across the street to Bin152.

My friend Natalie (who makes awesome jewelry, by the way – Holst + Lee) turned me on to the Gamay there and it’s the BEST chilled red!  Definitely give it a try!  Needless to say, we had a fun night!

Last Thursday, it was Wheeler’s big day.  She got braces!

I’ve always thought that her teeth were pretty straight, but I didn’t know her bite was so off.  She has something called an occlusion where one side of her mouth doesn’t bite down into the grooves.  So her teeth on that side are basically right on top of each other, if that makes sense.  So she got braces to fix her bite.  She’ll be wearing them for the next 18-24 months and will hopefully be diligent in wearing her rubber bands.  Fingers crossed!

How old does she look here??  Katie Bullwinkel at Bullwinkel Orthodontics is the BEST!  If you’re thinking about braces, Invisalign, etc. or even braces for your children, contact her here.  You’ll love her!

Our Combo Team won our conference!  Like my mixed team I played on last weekend, our team is headed to States too!

We had such a fun little Friday night!  Took the golf cart over to one of our favorite parks and just enjoyed good music and cooler air!

Getting my exercise for the evening!

With summer fleeting, we’ve tried to take the boat out as often as we’re able!  Effie here with Princess Amelia.

Rashguard Set

Strike that pose, Effie Girl!  Her rashguard set is on MAJOR sale!

Vaughn was so excited to catch this guy!

Effie and her buddy Van have a fort they always tinker with here.  She missed her ‘V’ not being there.

They love playing Swiss Family Robinson or some form of it whenever we’re around these driftwood trees.  Logan’s treasure as this black rag and cool driftwood stick.

Effie and Vaughn found this huge cushion and carried it to the top of the tree.

Still loving this hat!

So excited that Sunday School has started back!

Dress // Sunnies

Wore this super comfy dress.  Not too lightweight either.  Only $27!  For fit, it runs small.  I went up to a medium for a roomier fit.  I’m 5’6″ and could wear it with flats.

Hope y’all are having a great week!

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