Lilly Pulitzer’s Dressed for Summer Sale Starts Today! + A Giveaway!

Lilly’s Dressed for Summer Sale starts at 8am and I’m sooooo excited!  Cannot wait to see what all is marked down!  If you hopped over to SSP before the sale starts this morning, feel free to check back here for last-minute tips before the sale starts.

Here are my favorites I’ve loved wearing this past year.  Crossing my fingers for you that they’ll be included in the sale!

Totti Coverup

Natalie Cover-Up

Rivera Dress

Mini Franci Dress

Margot Dress

Agee Dress

Pearl Dress

Jane Dress

Azita Dress

Cherlyn Dress

Adalee Dress

Here are more from last year that may be included too…

Aviana Maxi Dress

Gracelynn Tunic Dress

Lilly Coverup // Girls’ Coverups

Mira Shirtdress

Wheeler’s Dress

Hollie Tunic Dress

Pearl Soft Shift Dress

Ashlyn Shift Dress

Tisbury Shift Dress

Shawn Maxi Dress

Maya Shift Dress

Maxi  // Girls’ Dresses

Jane Shift

Tori Dress

Winn Midi Dress

Lala Romper

Kristen Flounce Dress

Margot Swing Dress

Jane Shift Dress

Cora Bikini Top  // Bottoms // Sunnies

Novia Bikini Top

Also, don’t forget to check the Accessories Section! Usually there are some fun novelty Lilly items, but most of them are low stock so they sell out pretty quickly!


Don’t forget that Nordstrom offers price adjustments, so be sure and check out their Lilly section here, especially if your favorite item from the sale sold out quickly.  It may still be available at Nordstrom.

Zappos and Amazon have both marked down their Lilly too!

If you have a fit question on a specific item, please email me at sweetsouthernprep at gmail.  I’ll try and help you with sizing as best as I can, and attempt to get back to you promptly!

Whatever happens during the Dressed for Summer Sale, I wish you the best and hope you have lots of luck scoring your Lilly favorites!

And now onto the giveaway!  Share your favorite Lilly or what’s on your wishlist during the sale and you’ll be entered in a giveaway.  Only one comment per person, please.

One lucky winner will receive a $200 Lilly Gift Card!!

Giveaway ends on Wednesday at midnight and the winner will be announced on Thursday!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

89 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer’s Dressed for Summer Sale Starts Today! + A Giveaway!

  1. I’m so excited about the sale! I am wanting the Nadine dress and the Jonas skort! I love all of your Lilly!

    1. I just want a new pair of pajamas! But they keep selling out in my size the last 3 sales! Ha!

  2. So many good options in this post!!! I absolutely love the pearl dress & pearl soft shift dress and am crossing my fingers that they’re included in the sale : )

    1. Thank you for the sale info and giveaway! I love Lilly day dresses for all summer long! I always get some little shifts for my girls, too!

  3. Would love some swimwear and some new dresses. Would also love to find a matching outfit for my daughter and me.

  4. Ohmygoodness — great deals are on my wishlist!
    Tho I did order the Riveria dress last night before my coupon expired!
    I was able to snag the Jane early this morning, too!
    Was hoping for more ocean trail shorts — they are my go-tos since WFH started, but also picked up 2 robes and a blanket– looking for more unique, unexpected pieces, too.
    Thinking they might add more tomorrow? Fingers crossed. Your pics always give me such inspo — thank you!

  5. I just got the Loro dress and LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to see if it’s part of the sale.

  6. I really wanted the Loro Dress but will settle for either the Ross or Kirsten.

  7. So excited for the sale!! Love the Azita dress on you; would love to snag that one!

  8. I am hoping to snag some ocean trail shorts, I already have most of what you posted 😉

  9. I honestly have loved my Lilly face mask that I got before they sold out last time. Hoping to get another today, and maybe something cute for my daughter.

  10. I was hoping to score some dresses & I was lucky to get 4! Can’t wait for them to get here!!!

  11. I’m excited to browse the sale! Would especially love to grab the Aggie dress! 🥰

  12. I love ordering Lilly accessories when they have a sale as they make great gifts. For myself, I’d like a cami, Margot and Agee dress.

  13. I LOVE this sale!! I want the Pearl Shift dress in the Charleston print Toile Me About It!!

  14. I am loving the Donna Rompers! They are a Moms BFF! Looks like a dress with shorts underneath! Thanks for sharing!! Have you been to Palm Ave in CHS yet?? Anything good?

  15. I was thrilled when I heard Lilly was having a summer sale! I am expecting my first baby girl at the end of August and I have been so anxious to stock up on baby infant shifts and bodysuits in the In Full Bloom, and Pink Sand Paradise patterns so she can be colorful all year long! I was able to get some mommy and baby matching sets to coordinate with her, as well as some fun pieces for her to wear all the time! We love to wear our Lilly around Charlotte, but especially when we visit Charleston throughout the year!
    While I’m an avid Lilly shopper, she received her first Lilly dress from an aunt in April and I was able to find the matching Totally Blossom tie so she and daddy can match! (I know he’s secretly excited and she’s going to be wrapped around his little finger!) I also got a coordinating skort so it will be a family affair!
    Thanks for sharing all of your Lilly picks for you and your family!!!

  16. Thanks to you, I scored the mini Franci dress for my 7-year-old this morning! Yay!! I’m going to check back tomorrow just to see what’s added.

  17. I snagged the Agee dress after you posted it a few weeks ago! I was so excited to see it included in the sale! Also got matching shorts and baby shift for me and my daughter.

  18. We have been on NC for a month at my family river house so I’m all in on bathing suits and cover ups!

  19. I love their cover ups. Hoping to snag a couple of those as well as dresses for my two girls.

  20. Hi Ashley! I’ve finally been able to shop the sale! Love all of your picks. I’m looking for Gigi tanks and that Kirsten ruffle blouse. I’m not sure if they’re going to be part of the sale though. Anyway, I always find something in the Lilly sales! Happy shopping!

  21. I would love to buy a swim coverup and another captain popover. I currently own a pink solid popover with really cute gold buttons, but I would love another one in a print to wear.

  22. Looking forward to getting dresses for myself and my two daughters,.Your info for Lilly sales is always the best and so appreciated!

  23. Just about everything is on my wish list, lol. I didn’t find much activewear in the initial sale. Do you know typically when the second drop occurs? I was able to snag the yellow and striped blue Agee Tops, Kristi Ballet Flats (necessary for teaching or so I told my husband), slippers, girls velour legging, girls mini Finn top, and a mens polo. I am hoping for more activewear and pjs. I’d love an update on your current workout during covid.

  24. I’m planning on getting the Blanca romper. I’m
    looking at tankini tops and some of the skorts as well!

  25. So excited about this sale! I finally snagged a Jane dress and am excited to see if they add new styles tomorrow!

  26. I have had my eye on the Cristiana dress for months, and finally scored it today!!!

  27. My current favorites are my Lilly leggings that give me extra motivation to keep getting stronger 🙂

  28. I love Lilly! So on my list is the Pearl Dress, the Brenda Stretch Dress, the Ashley Kitten Heel Slide Sandal, and the Ivie Maxi Dress. I am so excited about this Lilly Summer Sale!

  29. Any time there is a sale I buy a new popover and splurge on a new shift dress. There are so many great options this time!

  30. I love my Natalie shirtdress cover-ups! They are the best! The Rivera is on my wish list. So pretty!

  31. I grabbed matching dresses for my daughter and me, among other things! I’m a teacher at her school and we wear matching Lilly dresses for the first and last day every year!

    Love this bonus sale! Ashley, have you heard if they’ll do the traditional sale in August/Sept as well or was this instead of that?

  32. Trying this again because I had 1000 typos last time LOL. I purchased the maxi dress you posted today. So cute – – hope it fits!

  33. Lilly Pulitzer clothes and prints are absolutely gorgeous!! They had so many great items during the sale!! 🙂

  34. Looking forward to wearing lots of Lilly the rest of the summer – shorts, skirts, and swim!

  35. Was hoping to snag the Agee striped dress but it sold out! Luckily I was able to get the Azita tunic today with the re-stocked site! 👏

  36. I got the Jayne dress, saw your pics and thought it was so cute! Missed the Lori dress which has been sold every time I go for it.

  37. I was able to get the Lidia clutch handbag which is what I’m most looking forward to receiving from my sale purchases.

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