Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! + A Giveaway!

When I got this Flamingo Dress for the girls the other week, I remembered that Wheeler had a similar one when she was two (see photo below).  When I set out to find a photo of her in it, I got sucked in.  I spent nearly an our looking back at old pics of the children and got so teary-eyed.  Time really does fly.  Seems just like yesterday that they were this little.  If I haven’t said it enough before, I’ve always loved my girls in Lilly dresses, even as babies.  And this flamingo print was always a favorite of mine then.  So glad Lilly brought this print back!  Hope you enjoy some cute pics of my baby girls in their Lilly…
This Elsa is on sale!
And this Iona.
I mean.  The sweetest, right??
If you’ve been reading for the past few days, it’s absolutely no secret anymore that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts at 8am!  The girls are back at school this morning, and the boys have one more day with me until they start back, also.  Luckily, I’ll be able to make it back home after dropping the girls off, before the sale starts.  I’ll be all ready to sign in on my laptop (and phone) at 8am sharp, if not a little before!
If you hopped over to SSP before the sale starts this morning, feel free to check back here and here for last-minute tips before the sale starts.  You can also check out my Lilly favorites from this year below and enter my giveaway.  Also, you can sign up for TrueFit too (takes 6o seconds and no measurements are necessary).  Love this feature!  As you’re shopping the sale, look near the sizes available and it’ll show you what size will fit you best (there’s an example of what it looks like on yesterday’s post).
As the sale goes live, I’ll be updating my post throughout the day with my favorites from the sale!
Now, as for styles that I hope are part of the sale, in more prints…
 Gigi Tank – super soft and comfortable.  I’ve got it in this navy color too, now only $19.  Go up a size if you want it to fit a little looser.
 Sarasota Tunic – a great fit and length, this is the same style here, that I wore just last week.
 Daphne Dress – absolutely one of my favorite dresses for summer! Loved the swing to it.
 This Monterey Dress is super comfortable and versatile.  I was able to wear it both as a cover-up and as a dress this past summer.
Jupiter Cover-Up – I loved mine like this so much this past summer that I picked up another one during the last Lilly Sale.  I’m hoping they have more of these in different prints.
And if Girls’ Swimsuits are available during the sale, you better believe I’m stocking up.  Obviously not for now, but for this summer!
A few other things to note, don’t forget to check the Accessories Section!  Usually there are some fun novelty Lilly items, but most of them are low stock so they sell out pretty quickly, so shop fast on those.
Another Elsa Top is on my list – a no-brainer!
View the current collection of different prints here.

UPDATE:  When I logged in, I was #4300 in line.  While it said it would take over an hour to be able to shop the site, it only ended up taking me 40 minutes to get to the front of the line.  I’m sure I missed out on some favorites, but there was still a lot to choose from.  And talk about a smooth transaction!  I think this is a first for Lilly!  The site didn’t crash!!  Kudos, Lilly Headquarters!  After I’m at the front of the line again, I’ll be sure and share my favorites from the sale for you.


**Click on items to shop or links below.**
Hurry though, everything is selling out quickly!

Daphne Dress (I actually have this style in two other prints, but just ordered this navy one too I love it so much.  It looks super short on the model, but you know how I don’t like short dresses.  I’m 5’6″ and it’s not too short.  For sizing, go with your usual size.) // Elsa Top (Love the colors of this one!) // Aerial Flowy Tank // Iona Tank (Love this style so much for summer, especially that it’s silk.) // Tye Blue Top // Melle Trapeze Tank Dress // Colette Tunic Dress (Not as short as it appears here, and it runs big, so make sure and size at least one size down.) // Roslyn Dress (Love how pink this dress, but beware it is bright pink!) // Abigail Shift Dress


Bree Striped Dress // Marco Island Tunic // Bamboo Cosmetic Case

UPDATE #46pm still has LOTS of Lilly Pulitzer still on sale!



Since I’m ALWAYS raving about Elsa Blouses and how awesome they are, I’m giving away one, to one lucky SSP reader, a $158 value!  And the best part is you get to choose your favorite print!  So feel free and browse the different prints here if you want.  Loving so many of them right now!
Simply comment below and let me know what all you picked up during the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, or what’s on your wish list!
All comments will be entered in a GIVEAWAY!!
One comment per person please.
If you have a fit question on a specific item, please email me at sweetsouthernprep at gmail.  I’ll try and help you with sizing as best as I can, and attempt to get back to you promptly!  Again if you’re sitting around waiting on the sale to start this morning, feel free to read back through more details about the sale and all of my tips from posts on:
Friday (I also shared my resolutions on this post.)
Sunday (Detailed tips along with some of my favorite Lilly lately.)
Whatever happens during the Lilly After Party Sale, I wish you the best and hope you have lots of luck scoring your Lilly favorites!  Good luck!

311 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Starts Today!! + A Giveaway!

  1. I'm on the hunt for Sarasota tunics, Elsa tops, Callahan shorts, printed tee's, and accessories.
    What a generous giveaway– thank you so much! LOVE your site. Happy shopping!

  2. On my wish list is the Jupiter cover-up for the beach this summer, and the elsa blouse too! I'm also looking for an easter dress for my toddler daughter.

  3. I am hoping to score a dress in a print to match my little one and a new Ophelia dress. Curious about what styles they will have this year! Happy shopping!

  4. Hoping for Elsas, Callahan or Buttercup shorts, Gigi tanks, and shifts for my girls. Thank you for such a generous giveaway and always being so helpful with sale questions and tips! Happy shopping!

  5. Best of luck today! I am always looking for dresses and t shirts during the sale! I am hoping to score some matching mother and daughter outfits.

  6. I am really hoping I can get some shifts for my girls. My oldest would be a size 10 and those go super fast! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ … Also, I have my eye on the Alessia Dress, Iona Shift, Mindy Tunic, and Essie Top. And would love another Elsa Top!

  7. I am hoping to get some shifts for my girls… My oldest is a size 10 now, and that size goes super fast! Fingers Crossed πŸ™‚ I also have my eye on the Alessia Dress, Iona Dress, Essie Top, and another Elsa Top!

  8. I was super fortunate to be able to purchase, or was gifted, many of the items I wanted prior to this sale. So this morning I will be looking for my minnie, my sister and my mother. I completely missed the toucan play mini palmetto, so thats priority for my daughter, Elsa tops are priority for my mother! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  9. Thank you for the giveaway! Last sale I couldn't find the Monterey dress so I'm hoping I can find it this time! And as always an elsa or two and some callahans. Is there any other swingy dress you've found that's not the Monterey? Hope you can score everything you want!

  10. I'm hoping to get my daughter her first Lilly dress. I'm also hoping to get a Daphine dress- I love swing dresses, and the way you've talking about loving it has now made me want one! Fingers crossed that we all get great deals!
    "Anything is possible with a little sunshine and pink."
    Lilly Pulitzer

  11. Well this sale couldn't come at a more inconvenient time! One of my resolutions for this year is to shop less, but who can resist a Lilly Pulitzer sale?! Hoping to get another fun pair of Lilly beach pants, a cashmere cardigan and maybe one of her vests. Thanks for all your posts, answers to questions, and pictures!!

  12. We just moved to Florida and since I don't own anything Lily yet I thought it would be a perfect time to start and see what everyone is raving about! Starting with an Elsa top since I'm not familiar with the sizing and want to be on the safe side with the no return policy! Love the blog and fingers crossed for the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  13. So excited for this sale! There are more than 8000 people ahead of me in line… wish me luck! I'd love to find a new pair of shorts and hopefully an Iona top!

  14. So excited for this sale! There are over 8000 people ahead of me in line… wish me luck! I'm hoping to find a new pair of buttercup shorts and an Iona tank! Good luck to you!!

  15. What an amazing giveaway! You are so right :). Hoping for a pretty popover, sweet dress and of course some matching Minnie's. Love Lilly!! Hope you find your RRdress!

  16. Going a mommy KID FREE girls' beach trip in May and would love to dress it up with all things Lilly: White skinnies, loving the Marlee one shoulder dress and of course an Elsa top! Thanks for hosting an awesome give away!

  17. Such a generous give away; thank you!! Love reading your site πŸ™‚

    Wish list: Elsa top and a swimsuit for our new, little girl

  18. I hope to get some accessories and Murfee scarves when my turn in line pops up! It's interesting that the sale also includes Lilly stores this year. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Susan Francis, Chapel Hill, NC

  19. First timer to the sale and was not sure if I entered the site with the number on a list so kept refreshing…:( oh well only 3004 people ahead haha! Would love to score an Elsa Top and some dresses:) Love your blog Happy shopping everybody

  20. I bought an Elsa and two Benton tops (from a signature Lilly shop since there are thousands of people ahead of me in line at Lilly's site and the app isn't up yet πŸ™‚ Good luck and happy shopping, girls!

  21. I am hoping to grab a popover and beach pants but right now I am in line with an hour wait time. Fingers Crossed. πŸ™‚

  22. Yay! So excited for this sale, hoping to score a popover for my Mom and an Elsa for me that matches a baby dress that I either already own or buy. Happy shopping! I've got 45 minutes left in line πŸ™‚

    1. I picked up an Elsa top and a swing dress – I always love your Lilly picks so can't wait to hear your favorites!! Looking forward to the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  23. I picked up an Elsa top and a swing dress – I always love your Lilly picks so can't wait to hear your favorites!! Looking forward to the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  24. I'm still waiting in the line, but I'd love that Daphne dress an an Elsa top! Thanks for getting us all ready & excited! Love your blog!

  25. i would love to win! i missed most of the girls stuff it seems for my daughters but picked up a couple gigi tops for myself. thanks!!

  26. Hoping to grab a new Elsa and some super cute shifts for my nieces! Maybe a cover up as well. What an awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

  27. I got an Amelia Island tunic, a romper, and a swing dress. I had a couple of the yoga pants and an Elsa in my cart, but they sold out before I could check out. Thanks as always for your reviews- especially helpful in deciding what size tunic I needed!

  28. Signed in right at 8am, with only 8826 users ahead of me!! But I was patient, and 45 minutes, I scored the Sarasota Beaded Tunic in Fresh Citrus Green Parrot and Gigi VNeck Tank in Multi Let Minnow.
    Did I need them – no!! But how could I pass them up??
    Love following along with your adorable family! And you are my go-to for all thins Lilly!!

  29. I'm always looking for new Elsa tops…you are the one who first taught me about them and I love them! So perfect for after-baby body, since they are nice and loose πŸ™‚ Would love to win!

  30. Thanks to you, I have discovered Lilly Pulitzer. I had always heard of the brand but thought they were just beachy shift dresses for kids/women, but WOW was i wrong. I have loved the Elsa tops, sport shorts, swing dresses, tank tops thanks to your big features. Many thanks!!

  31. I got a Gigi tank, and was hoping for a Marlowe t-shirt dress (but what I wanted sold out)! I'm thinking about going back for a Riley scarf too!

  32. I enjoy everything you share on IG! Thank you so much for all your tips for this sale! I am so happy with what I was able to purchase! I scored two tank tops, an Elsa top in Blue Crush Bamboom and even got my 5 year old niece a matching Elle Dress! πŸ™‚

  33. I got the Addison V-Neck Maxie, a GiGi top, two dresses and a sweater for my daughter. Thanks for all of your advice on the sale! Would love to win a new Elsa:)

  34. I got the Addison maxi dress, a GiGi top, and two dresses for my daughter. Would love to win a new Elsa:) Thanks for all of your tips with the sale!

  35. I got a halter sweater in navy that I already have in pink and LOVE – tried to get something for my daughter but the kids stuff sold out so quickly!

  36. I got a couple of matching shifts for my girls and then headed over to zappos for an Elsa! Thank you for all the tips over the years! I love your blog!!!

  37. Thanks for letting us know about the sale! Bought myself the Penelope Shift in Blue Crush Bamboo and the Girls Mini Deanna Romper in Indigo Palm Reader. Would love to win an Elsa top πŸ™‚ Love your blog

  38. So excited to score a palmetto dress, caftan dress and dusk top! This made me think about summer as we are freezing right now in Chicago β˜€οΈ

  39. I was hoping to score an Elsa top in "multi worth it" but it sold out too quickly! Shame that pattern always does because it is so fun! I did snag a pretty top, dress, and makeup bag. Thanks for the tip about 6pm!

  40. I was trying to snag a Elsa top in "multi worth it" but it sold out too quickly! Sham that pattern always does because it's so fun! I wa sable to get a dress a cute top and makeup bag. Thanks for the tip about 6pm!

  41. I tried to get an Elsa and the Angel Halter dress but they were sold out by the time I got in. Love your picks and thanks for the advice!

  42. Elsas are my fave too but today I got a Gigi tank, a halter (the name of which escapes me) and a Monterey dress! Nothing for my girls – was hoping to get them some shorts but that's ok!

  43. I'm pregnant so I was pretty much just looking for Elsas, scarves, and maybe a cardigan. I had trouble with the app this morning even though it's been great for me for previous sales. Eventually I got in but no elsas. I got 2 scarves, an open front cardigan and an iPhone case. Not terrible.

  44. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! I tried to get an Elsa but they were sold out by the time I got in… I did score the linen beach pant and a planner! Fingers crossed I win!

  45. Bought my first Elisa, but I'm actually more excited about the cross-body phone case – had to toss my old Lilly phone case when my iPhone 4 finally died. Now smartphones are so large & bulky in pockets, but this case resolves this issue beautifully!

  46. I was able to grab 1 Elsa thankfully! My sister is getting married this summer, so I need lots of cute dresses. I snagged one dress I should be able to use for a wedding shower, so hopefully it fits. πŸ™‚

  47. Thank you for your tips and keeping us up to date on the sale! I got two baby shifts for my little girl due in March, an iPhone cover, two scarves, two Elsa's (my first, but they came highly recommended *wink*), an Essie top, and two pairs of Callahan shorts! So happy the site didn't crash, it was worth waiting in line!

  48. I snagged my first Elsa (since you rave about them!) this morning. Went with Summer Haze White (not an easy decision!) and I can't wait! If I won one…I think I'd go with Tiger Palm or Flirty!

  49. Yayyy i scored my first Lilly dress -the delia shift dress! Thanks so much for your tips I was so excited when I got on! Totally worth the hour long wait! The Elsa top in flirty took my breath away!

  50. From the Lilly Pulitzer site, I bought the Monterey tank dress, Iona shell, dusk romper in navy, the gold leather and cork tote, dusk tank, and Palmira dress. I'm familiar with the sizing of all of those so I know they'll work. I also bought a bunch of items on sale from Amazon and zappos. I'm not sure what will work from those sites but they are returnable. I love your blog and you are responsible for introducing me to Lilly last year. We don't have many Lilly sores on the west coast so I rely on your recommendations, especially the sizing

  51. First, thank you for all of your great tips! Your tips helped me score the EXACT dress my daughter was coveting for her grade school graduation this Spring – the Iona Shift dress! Plus I got both of my teenage daughters some great dresses and rompers for spring! Unfortunately, I would have loved to get an Elsa for myself, but my size was out of stock! maybe next time! Thanks again for your great tips!!

  52. First, thank you for your great tips! I was able to score the dress my daughter was coveting for grade school graduation – Iona sleeveless shift! She is very excited! Also got some other great dresses and rompers for my girls. Unfortunately, I missed out on getting my Elsa! But so happy we can check of that dress! Thanks again for your tips and contest!

  53. I got the catwalkin elsa (love that it's on your favorites!), callahan shorts in palm reader, and the pink colony phone case (my favorite print)! can't wait to see what you picked up!

  54. I ended up with the Iris blue Blake vest, Toucan Play Riley, and the Pooling Around Amelia Island Tunic. I love Lilly but the majority of it won't be practical for me to wear for another 5 months! Looking forward to my sale order arriving. I love Elsa tops but I bought tons from Anthro clearance and New Years Day Dillards shoe sale so I limited my Lilly purchases to make up for that!

  55. That was the craziest sale ever! I specifically went to Belk yesterday to figure out sizing and when I finally got into the site it seemed like all my dress sizes were gone! I did end up snagging two Callahan shorts, a Gigi tank and the navy daphne dress (nervous about it though). Thanks for all your southern advice, it's been helpful since moving from the north πŸ™‚

  56. An Elsa top in Palm Reader, a tunic for the pool this summer and a gigi tank. I waited 40 minutes as opposed to over an hour, but otherwise it was a smooth sale. I know that 2 items I really wanted were part of the sale and gone by the time I purchased.

  57. I didn't get in nearly as fast as I did over the summer. But, the wait time definitely went quicker than they indicated. Yeah! I got my first Lilly vest, an Anna Maria button down shirt and the Rossmore dress in Zebron. I am most excited about the dress because I tried it on in the store and thought ahead to take jot down the size that worked. I was hoping it would pop up in the sale!!!

  58. After 30 minutes in the queue, I was able to snag a Planner, an Elsa in "Catwalkin", and a pair of "pack your trunk" Callahans! I would love to have another Elsa in either navy "Let's Cha Cha" or "Rule Breakers"! Is there such a thing as too many Elsa's?

  59. I actually went and shopped in a store instead of online because I couldn't get on and they didm't have as much but I was able to get 2 tops (1 Elsa!) and 2 dresses! I was disappointed with the kids section, but was able to score 1 dress! Hope to win this giveaway, hooray!!

  60. Thanks for all the great info on the sale! I was able to get a few pairs of the Callahan shorts, 2 of the Windsor Strapless dresses and the adorable Addison V-Neck Maxi Dress! I would love to win this giveaway to add a new elsa to my collection!

  61. I picked up a couple of dresses for my daughter, and a dress for me to wear to a wedding in the Keys this spring. Love so many of the Elsa tops as well – I ran back to get one more!

  62. I bought wallet this sale but I be always wanted an Elsa in Lilly lagoon and a shift dress. I have never had the money for them. I'm going to save up for the next sale hopefully if they have the one I want next year.
    Ps your girls are too cute!!

  63. I logged on at exactly 8:00 and had 22,312 in front of me but only had to wait 40 minutes. I had both the Briana (pink stripes) and the Bree (blue stripes) fit and flare dresses in my tote. I couldn't decided between the two so I got both!

  64. I was able to make several purchases, which is great, because there is not much left!Skipper Popover in Bay Blue, Layton shift dress in Navy and two of the tassel necklaces (they will make great gifts).

  65. I was really hoping for a new skipper popover or the windbreaker jacket in Lilly's Lagoon – both sold out by the time I made it onto the site πŸ™

  66. What a generous giveaway! I have a newborn and didn't get on the site until around 9. Was hoping for an Iona tank but it was sold out in my size. Love following you!

  67. I had my heart set on the linen beach pants and they were snatched out of my cart after a computer glitch. Oh well. Happy New Year and thanks for hosting!

  68. Unfortunately I won't be doing any buying for the sale :-(. My wish list at the moment is the Madison Fitted Dress, Wright Trapeze shift dress, Mindy Linen Tunic, Cipriani vneck in tropical pink and of course, Elsa in any pattern.

  69. I was able to get the Amelia Island Tunic and Penelope Shift for myself and about 4 cute items for my little girl! Love the Lilly sale and thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway! Hope you scored some Lilly favorites ?

  70. I scored two Elsa tops by shopping online at a Lilly boutique when I saw my favorites had sold out. I'd love to add a third to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. I was able to get the Elsa in palm reader, the gigi tank in multi let minnow and the mini palmetto dress for my little girl. I love the elsa top in ANY print and love the callahan shorts!

  72. I bought a couple of Elsa's, shorts and dresses. Good haul from the Winter Sale and Zappos sale. Goodness stuff gets picked over so quickly. Now back to work to pay for it all!

  73. I would love to have a elsa top!! I sadly made it to the sale too late and nothing i liked was left in my size πŸ™

  74. Hi! I was able to purchase a Gigi V- neck tank top in Bright Navy Treasure, a pair of true navy Callahan shorts & (my fav) a baby Lilly shift dress in Sea Blue It's a Stretch. I can't wait to get my Lily (6 months old) into her first Lilly dress! However, I was unable to snag an Elsa in Red Right Return (in a small- if anyone reading this has one?) so that remains on my wish list! Thanks SSP for the heads up and info on this sale. Made my Monday!

  75. I love everything you listed on your favorites! I resisted the urge to buy another tote, but I did score a pink shift (perfect for my best friends Lilly themed bridal shower), the rolling cooler, a pen set, iphone cover, and the pink and white striped elsa. This is my first Elsa, so I'm hoping I picked the right size. I love your blog, thanks for all the great tips!

    Sarah Brodd

  76. I was excited I only had to wait in line for an hour!! I have everything I needed from Christmas, but I did buy myself a phone cover in wild confetti and a Riley scary in toucan play!

  77. Hey! I had Callahan shorts, a t-shirt dress and a shift and by the time I checked out, they were gone πŸ™ You have the sweetest blog and IG feed. Hope you had good luck this morning during the sale.

  78. I scored a baby Lilly shift dress, a Monterey dress- per your recommendation, and a Janice dress. I was hoping for an Elsa but they were sold out in my size.
    I am new to your blog, but found you on IG a few months ago. I LOVE your blog and really appreciate your tips for the Lilly sale. This was my second time shopping the sale and I'm excited about all that I got!

  79. I'm expecting #2 this summer so I picked up some Callahans in larger sizes, an Amelia tunic in Lilly's Lagoon (love that print), the Nola maxi skirt, the Monterey Tank Dress and a Gigi Tank Top. LOVE the sale and so bummed to hear they're discontinuing the warehouse sale as I live very close to HQ and love to go. LOVE the giveaway!

  80. My wish list item was the Millie top I didn't get it πŸ™ I did get Lilly's Lagoon Elsa though and 2 maxi skirts. I will say I'm not in love with the virtual line I liked the grab and go of the past.

  81. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything still available in my size that I would have wanted! However, I was dying over the Lilly's Lagoon Callahans and the Catwalkin' Christine Dress as well as the Elsas in these prints! My fave!

  82. So excited about this giveaway!!! Love your blog so pick me! πŸ™‚ I scored the Luxletic weekender leggings and the long sleeve tshirt in tropical pink! I cannot wait to get them in help with my workout new years resolution!

  83. The sale moved so much faster then I expected this morning and I already got a shipping notification!! I luckily picked up the Monterey dress a sarina tank and an Elsa. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!!

  84. Hey hey!! I picked up the isabelle puffer vest and an iPhone 6s case!! I didn't get to log on until after 3:30 because of returning back for teacher work day. Crossing my fingers I get picked!! xoxo

  85. I got my favorite Iona top and Sarasota tunic! Missed out on a few dresses and Elsa tops that I had my eye on, but overall it was a Very smooth transaction!

  86. Love your blog and your pictures of your girls are beautiful, such cute kids! I went on right at 8 am this morning and had to wait about 40 minutes just as you say you did. There was still a good amount to pick from but I'm so curious as to what I missed out on in the first 40 minutes! I ended up getting the Deanna Tank Top Romper in Multi Palm Reader, the luggage tag and passport cover set in Bright Navy Spill The Juice, the Emergency Kit in Resort White Backyard Safari, and the GiGi V-Neck Tank Top in Multi Let Minnow! So excited!

  87. I couldn't get in until way late because of getting kids to school, but I scooped up some good makeup bags which I was pretty happy with, and another phone case because one can never have too many πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all of your great tips Ashley!

  88. I scored a couple of Elsas (zebron and hearts a flutter), a popover, an infinity scarf and a new iphone case I desperately needed. How I love the after party sale and your blog :)) thank you!!

  89. I am bummed! Everything was sol out when it came to my turn for the sale … My wish list is a shift for my daughter in flamingo & Elsa top for me to try

  90. I started with my first Elsa when I started reading your blog a couple of years ago. I try to buy at least one at each sale. I have to say that I just love them. They are so easy, yet they always look polished.

  91. I love the Lilly sale and got the 4 items I was hoping for. An infinity scarf, a t-shirt dress, some shorts, and a 3/4 sleeve tshirt. The prices this year didn't seem as good as in sales past, but I did get the scarf for a good price. The Elsa's still seem expensive to me, so I have yet to give in to buying one. I'm waiting for the day that I can wear one!

  92. Was lucky enough and ELATED to get a Delia shift, a Gabby shift, a Penelope shift, and a Deanne romper! Here's to a colorful spring and summer!

  93. We moved today so I wasn't able to log in until 9pm, and it's slim pickings now! Would have loved that trapeze dress in the blue chevron print!

  94. I love Elsa's I did score a Lilly Lagoon one! I was hoping desperately for the Millie Halter sadly I did not get that one πŸ™ I wanted a marlowe dress too.

  95. An Elsa, Veranda tunic, magnolia shorts with a button down top, a gigi tank, callahans with the navy top for my little ones and 3 elle dresses for each of them:)

  96. I wasn't able to get anything this go round, but during the summer sale I picked up a couple Riley tassel scarfs and a couple kids dresses.

  97. I was hoping to snag a Monterey dress but they sold out of the print I wanted before I could check out. I would love to add an Elsa to my collection (I have my eye on Tiger Palm and Flirty!)

  98. I always get Little Lilly dresses for my daughter. They are so classic and great for summer. Unfortunately, this year with the new que system I was number 10,000 in line and by the time It was my turn they were all gone. I was able to get a cosmetic bag though!

  99. I'd like to have the Charlotte Empire Waist Dress. And thanks so much for the Nordstrom price matching info; I had no idea they did that and I have a large gift card to use there.

  100. I was able to snag a Ritz romper in Toucan Play, Brewster t-shirt dress in Scuba to Cuba, and a Layton shift in Palm Reader-all while sitting in class! I tried to get a Deanna romper as well, but as soon as I added it to my cart, sizes XS-M disappeared πŸ™ a little bummed about that but SOO happy with what I was able to get! Just want it to be spring so I can break out all my Lilly again.

  101. I scored a bunch of items for my baby girl! A shift, cotton dress, puffer vest and some leggings. I also grabbed some fun accessories for gifts! I didn't get myself anything this time around οΏ½οΏ½

  102. Got 2 Elsas, a Collete dress (got the other print for Christmas), the Bellavista Swing Dress, Georgia May Palazzo pants, and a lot of cute things for my Minnie on the Lilly site. The Marlisa Maxi Dress in Multi Peel Eat on Amazon with a gift card (woo hoo!), was especially excited since its a current print. And finally another Elsa, a hot pink Blake vest, the Monterey Tank dress, and a swimsuit for Minnie on which I believe added more items after the Zappos sale ended at 11 p.m. and I believe on those items all had better prices than the Lilly site. Feeling SLIGHTLY guilty over how crazy I went….

  103. I got a Monterey dress because of your recommendations! I can't wait to receive it and wear it this summer!! Thank you for all your hard work!

  104. I went a little crazy after using your "multiple devices" tip. I got a fun shift dress, two elsas and then another shift dress because it was still available. At that point I had to put down the mac, ipad and phone and walk away;)

  105. I got 2 new dresses for my daughter. I wanted so many more things, but Monday morning after a major holiday was not the best time to browse Lilly at work. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for a great giveaway!

  106. I picked up a Gigi top in true navy, beach pants in SPE, LL and Via Sunny Maia leggings, STC swimsuit for my Minnie, Jameson sweater in Open Water, a Lilly emergency kit, Palmetto dress in Fresh Citrus, Seafayer swimsuit, and a Captain Popover in True Navy!

  107. Thanks for your helpful updates on sales and sharing your beautiful family! I was able to snag a swing style dress for fun, shift dress for work, infinity scarf, and cardigan.

  108. I picked up the Monterey dress, Melle dress, a pair of Callahans and the Aerial top in pack your trunk. I missed out on the 2 Elsas I wanted. I love all your sizing info and recommendations. I have a very similar body shape and I have purchased every swing dress you have recommended in your posts. Also got great things for my girls on Zappos since I wasn't sure about sizing. The only thing I missed out on for them was swimsuits. Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  109. I placed four orders yesterday! and still I missed the things that I wanted the most. But that's already. Nothing a Lilly retail store won't fix. LOL

  110. I got the Marco Island tunic (at your suggestion – yay!) and a cotton tube top that I fear may end up being too small, but I couldn't pass up the $19 price tag! πŸ™‚

  111. Thank you so much for your tips! I was unlucky and had to wait over an hour to get in to the site, not to mention a busy day at work to sidetrack me but I did get some great steals! I got an Isabelle vest, the Bellavista dress, and the Renata dress, as well as some nice stuff for my Minnie. I almost had that rolling cooler!! Love the Lilly sale!!

  112. I was able to score 2 dresses for me and 1 for one of my daughters yesterday. I went to 6pm thanks to you and was able to get a few more things today! However I couldn't get a Elsa shirt in my size! An Elsa shirt was on the top of my wish list!

  113. Grabbed an Elsie, Alessia, two scarves, Tibbie tanks, and a few things for my daughter πŸ™‚ Oh, and a long maxi! success! Thanks for all your tips!!

  114. I scooped up another Elsa! Thanks for always providing the best info on Lilly and everything else fashion related. I just love your blog!

  115. Woke up extra early and set up my command station. I was 11,000 in line and excited! Tragedy struck and my computer crashed. Ended up purchasing a tunic….Hooray all was not lost, but was hoping to snatch up a few Elsa tops. Tank you for all your great tips!

  116. Got up extra early to set up my command post. I lucked out and was placed at 11,000 on the query when disaster struck and my computer crashed. After all the drama I was able to score a Sarasota Tunic…Hooray. Would have loved to grab up an Elsa or two. Thanks for all the great tips!

  117. I scored two pairs of shorts, a dress and necklace for my daughter, a dress for my niece and two sets of nail polish for my two daughters! Thanks for all your tips and advice on how to shop the sale! I don't have an Elsa top so I'd love to win this one. They always look so pretty on you!

  118. The Travel Pant! Purchased from my local store and have not taken them off since- I great buy and wish I had another pair

  119. I was hoping to grab an Elsa and a few Minnie shifts, but I found out the hard way that you can, in fact, lose your place in line:/ Last sale I was able to get in line & then when my turn came my device would just hold my spot. This time, I got caught up doing things with my children, came back toy phone & iPad, & my turn had expired (after like 20min) & I had to go back to the end of the line. I didn't know this was possible! So…word to the wise. Next time I'll be paying more attention!

  120. I was hoping for some elsas, but got in line & then got busy doing stuff with my children & missed my turn! Yep, your turn can expire after about 20 min & you have to go BACK to the end of the line. This is apparently a new thing b/c it didn't work that way in August. Oh well, learning new things every day! I love your blog & you family of precious!

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