It’s Time! You Can NOW Shop The Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collaboration


Before the site shutdown, this is what I was able to score…

Satin Dress in Boom Boom

Pom Pom Shorts

And if you want more Lilly at a discount, Saks Fifth Avenue has their Friends & Family Sale going on, and Lilly is included!
Use code: FRNFAM at checkout.
My Elsa Top I’ve worn a lot this spring is currently 30% off.  Runs true to size.
I don’t recommend the Buttercup Shorts that are paired with it here.  While I’ve always been a big fan of the style, the white on these are too see-through.
This pretty pink Janice Shift is such a classic.
And I love this floral Charlene Dress too, but sizes are selling out pretty quickly.
Little Lilly is also 30% off!  A huge selection too!  See the whole Girls Section here.
Alright!  Have fun shopping and good luck!!!

8 thoughts on “It’s Time! You Can NOW Shop The Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collaboration

  1. I headed down to my Target at 8:30 and it had been cleaned out. I was able to snag a dress and romper for my 3 year old only because I walked up to an end cap right as someone was hanging up several unwanted items. Crazy!!

  2. I waited in a line that must have had over 200 people in it this morning! By the time I got in, there was nothing left (at 8:01 AM)! I promptly camped out near the dressing rooms to get some of the rejects from the fitting rooms! 🙂 That was the secret to my success! I hope you had better luck in stores and online!

    Best, Emily (

  3. Lilly just isn't as popular here in California. I was surprised at how much was left this morning when I went. I ended up picking up a sweet dress for the baby girl I hope to have someday (we have three small boys). I figure if I don't end up using it, at least I can sell it on eBay in a few years. It does make me sad that I've heard about so many people just snatching things to resell though.

  4. You were able to get the glasses online?! That is crazy, when I was able to access the site it read "only in stores." Also, I hate how much misleading information was released! Like the umbrella was only available online, well hahaha it was definitely available in stores. I hate misinformation.

  5. I got my shipping confirmation today. Apparently, my order went through twice. Two shipments of the same thing headed my way. Not that I'm complaining, after all, it did go through. ?

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