Life Lately + Wheeler Turns 9!

Happy Friday!  It’s officially summer!  My apologies for the lack of posts this week.  I’m having some blog issues, in addition to email issues.  I just read everyone’s feedback from Tuesday’s post this morning, for some reason I haven’t been receiving emails from since Tuesday morning.  So odd.  Still trying to figure it out.  But I’m so glad y’all are excited that my new How I Do It series is back!  {Update: I realized I was out of email storage space, so that’s why I haven’t been receiving emails these past few days.  If you emailed me during that time, please re-email me as I didn’t receive it, unfortunately.  Thanks!}

Today, I have a slew of photos to share from the past few weeks.  Our summer break has been amazing so far, with lots of fun activities and lots of guests coming in from out of town.  I’m just so happy that it’s only getting started!

I’ve been practicing some new braids this summer.  It’s hard to tell, but do you see Effie’s little natural bleach spot?  Kind of like Anna from Frozen.  She got a kick out of that.

The week after school go out, the girls attended an American Girl Doll camp.  They went last year too, and always have the best time!

One day they got princess make-overs.  The left is Cinderella’s hair and right is Belle’s hair.

Always finding and playing with new creatures.

I mentioned before that my friend Melissa came in town from Charlotte last week.  We always have the best time! // Dress // Sandals

Wearing this embroidered dress.

One of the days she was here we headed out on the boat and it was super overcast, even drizzled on us some.

Thankfully, the clouds quickly parted and we had the best day!  Even better that we had tide pools!

Her son and Effie have been best buds since they were 2!

Every Wednesday, we had a running playdate between our two houses when Vaughn and her daughter were little.  They’re still so cute when they get to hang together.

So much fun getting to hang out and catch up! // Sunnies

As if it’s not obvious enough, we live for summer!  Popsicle on the dock!

Wheeler practicing her casting skills.  One of her favorite hobbies lately.

Before Wheeler’s official birthday, we headed over to Cannonborough Collective to pick up her birthday balloons.

I love every single thing in their new shop on the corner of Cannon St. and St. Philip.

Just cannot even believe my first born is NINE!? // Where has the time gone?!

This past weekend, my sister came in town to visit with her family. //  Scalloped Top

Her son had the BEST time on the boat!

The cutest photobombers.


Excited to try out her new kids’ cast net she got for her birthday!

My girls!

We caught the coolest little shark.  Right after we put him back in the water, we caught his mama.  I’m guessing she wasn’t happy we were messing with her baby.

The one thing Wheeler requested on her birthday was to go fishing.  And her wish was granted.  She took lots of birthday phone calls on the boat that day too!

This is the first year Father’s Day was on Wheeler’s birthday, and she wasn’t too thrilled with having to share it.  But I have a feeling Lanier would’ve wanted to go fishing for Father’s Day anyway.

It rained most of the week while the kids had Vacation Bible School, but we ventured out in it some days.  If you’re local, Coastal Crust (next to Vintage) is now open and their pizza is so good!  I have a feeling I’ll be back again very soon!

Love all the decor at the dinner spot, especially the flowers.

I hope everyone had a happy first day of summer on Wednesday (aka National Wear Your Lilly Day)!  Lanier and I went to a friends’ for dinner that evening.  Thankfully, the rain held up while we were out.  I wore one of my latest favorite Lilly dresses.

On Friday, playing tennis was HOT!  Like 85 degrees (feels like 100 with the humidity) by 9am hot.  But we managed to sweat it out for an hour and hopefully burned enough calories to enjoy some yummy lunch. // Tennis Bag

Can’t turn down a Bangin’ Shrimp taco from Mex-1.

We head to the beach on Sunday.  Ocean Isle Beach to be exact!  Need to start packing soon!  I’ve got some new pieces I can’t wait to share with you!  Tonight, it’s all about a pool party at our friends’ house, and we’re excited to try this new float out!  After the kids’ bedtime, of course.  Still trying to decide whether I’ll wear this dress or this one.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


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