Life Lately + Spiked Arnold Palmer (aka John Daly)

I hope y’all have been enjoying your week!  So, we ordered a bed from Amazon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon and order from there often, it was just the bed company we were working with that wasn’t so great.  Anyway, they told us back when I ordered it just after we moved in (early February) that it would only take two weeks for it to arrive.  Well, it’s been over two months now and the right-sized bed it set to finally arrive sometime today!  I’m hoping and praying they send the correct one this time.  After about four weeks of waiting after the initial order, we finally received our bed…only to realize they mailed us the wrong bed, a queen instead of a king.  So we’ve been waiting yet another four weeks for the king.  Needless to say, I’m more than ready to sleep in a normal bed tonight!  I’ll be sure and share a before and after shot of our master, once we get everything assembled and organized.
As y’all read last week, the kiddos were sick with colds and ear infections most of their spring break.  So we mostly hung around the house and played with trains and blocks, watched a few movies and read lots and lots of books.
Well, Friday rolled around and I was determined to take Wheeler on an outing, since she hasn’t been able to enjoy as many outings as her siblings, being that she’s in school while we’re out and about in the mornings.  The Weeki Wachee Mermaids were in town at the aquarium, but only last week.  I’ve been building them up so much that I knew if we didn’t get a chance to do anything else, we were going to see the mermaids.  And we did.  And they loved it!
Lanier isn’t a big fan of Broadway, but he knows I love it, so for Valentine’s this year he gifted me two tickets to see Catch Me If You Can.  We went this past weekend, and I loved it!  If you get a chance, you should go see it!  The scores and costumes were amazing. // My blue DVF Dress is the most comfortable dress I probably own.  As soon as I tried it on I knew it was meant to be.  I know of at least two more places I’ll be wearing it just this month.  Can’t wait!  For fit, it runs big, so I’d go down a size.
I just started using this Oribe Smooth Style Serum after my hair appointment a few weeks ago and LOVE it!  I apply it to my ends right before I blow-dry and it works really well.  It smells amazing too.  And you only use a little bit each time, so it’ll last you awhile.
I received an email last week from Island Photography.  Thought these photos were hilarious!  Such happy runners, right?  Oh, and that one of the large group.  Yeah, I thought that was the end of the race, only to find out that I actually had another half-mile ahead of me.  Oops!  But if you look closely, you can tell I wasn’t the only one celebrating prematurely!
Wheeler is starting to really read.  Like she wants to sit down and eagerly read a book to herself.  All of my children love to read TONS of books, but it’s so awesome to see her all grown-up reading a book.  Effie decided she wanted to “read” and I love that too.  She still constantly “reads” the boys books when they ask her to.  Always the helper!
Sure don’t know what I’m going to do without her here with me in the Fall.  It was already hard enough with Wheeler starting Kindergarten this year and now Effie will be starting it too!  She’s always been my little helper and always asks how she can help me.  I guess she’ll be helping her teachers in the Fall, and I’ll be back to just the boys.  Alright, enough of that.  I’ve got four whole months before she starts.  And I’m thankful too that the girls will now have each other at school. // My necklace is still 25% off until midnight. // Effie’s wearing this Mara Hoffman Dress and these Mini Melvin Tassel Beads, now available online!  You may recognize some familiar faces in the detailed images on each item. 😉
And can we talk about the hot, sunny weather we’ve been having here?  It’s unreal!  And the even better part?  Our pool opened last week!  So naturally we took advantage yesterday.  This is unlike where we used to live, where most pools don’t open until the end of May.  You know we’ll take full advantage of the early opening here.  The kids are already begging to go back again today! // Shades and Cover-Up are 25% off until midnight! // Wheeler’s cute new ruffle suit is from J.Crew Factory, currently on sale.
This pretty coral color was just added to the pretty collection of cover-ups, as well. 
For all of my Elizabeth McKay lovers, she’s offering 30% off everything from the Greenwich line with code: PREP30!
Love love love this piece!  Now that we’re thinking bedroom ideas, I can think of so many places it could go!  First I’ll probably use it for my hair dryer, straightener, etc. and then use it as a bar cart later.  Currently on sale too!
And just a reminder that Shopbop’s Sale ends at midnight!  I’m tempted to order this cover-up in pink, since I love the yellow one so much.  I also have these white sandals and these pink sandals in my cart too.  I know I’m definitely getting these flip flops for the pool this summer.  And I think this cute tie-dye dress would be perfect for an easy toss-in this season.  Perhaps with those white sandals I’ve got in my cart?  Need to dwindle it down and decide.  Love it all!
And you know I couldn’t finish today’s post without a tasty cocktail for y’all!
With the Masters going on this week, I thought I’d share a tasty twist on an Arnold Palmer.  If you’re unfamiliar with an Arnold Palmer, it’s half tea and half lemonade.  To give it an added kick, make it a John Daly and add vodka.  My favorite this time of year is drinking one part Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and one part lemonade.  Yum!
Remember, if y’all ever have a suggestion for a tasty cocktail recipe, please email me.  I’d love to share it with my readers!  Still can’t believe I’ve been posting one almost every Thursday for over five years, even the two nine-month stints when I was pregnant while blogging.  That’s got to be a ton of cocktails I’ve compiled.  I always wonder how many times I’ve repeated a cocktail, hopefully not too often.  But then again, if I’ve found a good one, there’s no shame in wanting to share it again.  Seriously though, I’d love to post any yummy concoctions you’d love to share!  And as always, thanks for reading!
Today, I’ll leave you with this.  Found it in Wheeler’s book bag yesterday.  She said everyone was drawing paws, so she thought she’d write her favorite teams over her paws.  Love it!
Clemson // Tarheels // Georgia // Panthers
Happy Thursday, Y’all!

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  1. Please let us know about your mattress!! I am looking for a new mattress,and there are so many options out there.I would love to hear about how you like yours. Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend…

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