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Sorry that it’s been a little while since I’ve posted.  It’s been super busy over here.  And I’ve been in serious clean-out mode.  I keep hearing about this Tidying Up book and I haven’t read it yet, but maybe I should.  It’s felt so good to purge and get things organized.  Wore this sweater on Saturday night to a cook-out.  It’s currently 50% off!  Love the hearts for the holidays and that it’s not too pink/red Valentine-y.  That’s not to say I don’t love all of that too, but this is a little more subtle.  The length and fabric is great too!  Paired it here with these jeans and these flats (fit true to size).

Here’s another pic of this pretty sweater.

I continue to LOVE this case for my Airpods.  They’re said to be waterproof and drop-proof but I haven’t tested either out yet.  But I will say, the little carabiner that’s attached is probably my most favorite part about it.  And it still has a hole at the bottom for charging.

Last Friday night, we settled in for a family movie night.  This was their first time watching The Wizard of Oz and I was probably more excited than they were!  They loved it!  Over the Rainbow has always been one of their lullabies I’ve sung to them.  They liked getting to see where it’s from and Judy Garland singing it.

My little lunch date on Saturday!  Love getting to have some one on one time with each of the kids when we can make it work.  They love it too.

We went to a cook-out on Saturday night.  Can you believe all of these surfboards in their garage??

Playing with his food. 😉

Pretty impressed with how Wheeler dressed herself that night.

Talk about some serious s’mores action.  They marshmallows were mint flavored too.

Still loving these flats to much.  These are the Perfect Sand color.  They fit true to size.

So many of y’all asked about this drink I posted on Sunday morning.  It’s called The Pink Drink and super tasty.  A little on the sweet side, but even a Venti will run you only about 200 calories.  Ask for it with light ice.

Dressed for the weather on Sunday for church.  Rainboots: Glitter Pink // Glitter Aqua // Green // Yellow // I’m wearing these earrings and these heels (for fit they run a little big, I’m an 8.5 and wear an 8 in them).

They always like to post here before lunch.

On Monday, since the kids didn’t have school we considered doing something around town.  With the cold temps and fear of too many places being crowded, we ended up hanging out at home for most of the day.  Love that they’re still at the age that building forts is fun.

As soon as I saw one of Beaufort Bonnet Company’s latest collections, I knew I wanted it for the whole fam.  Now I just have to wait until the weather warms up for us to wear them!

I mean, how sweet is this suit for the girls?  I also got this coverup and swimsuit for me, these boys trunks and mens trunks.  I’ve already tried on the womens swimsuit and if you know me, I generally don’t like one pieces.  But I LOVE this one.  You can adjust the waist strap and top strap and the rear coverage is perfect!  Trust me, you’ll love it too!

Kids are still loving tennis!

And while Wheeler has taught herself how to play the ukulele this past year, she started official lessons this week and loves it so far!

Yesterday, after a run and spin, I decided to go to a yoga class with my friend Natalie.  Monkee’s of Mount Pleasant hosted The Works and let me tell you, it was awesome, but definitely not easy.  Next time, lets just say I won’t do it after two other work-outs.

Wearing this cozy comfy top that I can’t get enough of and these flip flops.

These leggings are awesome and suck you in, in all the right places!

And I still continue to love this style tank.  It’s a great, swingy style.  Found it here and still available in all sizes.

Afterward, we headed over to Vintage for brunch.  It feels like forever that I’ve visited this spot, but nothing still beats their avocado toast and lavender latte.

Wore these cute little knot earrings yesterday with this top.

SEWE is coming up, February 14-18 to be exact!  Get your tickets here.  For 20% off, use code: ASHLEY at check-out!  This code is good until February 1st.

And lastly, these are my favorite glosses.  I was so excited to see that they came out with this set.  All my favorite colors!  The light pink is one of my favorite neutrals I wear a lot and the others are fun too.  Not too sticky and it stays on well.

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

It poured all night here.  Leaving for school this morning (still pouring), Effie opens are front door and goes “Mama, our car door is open!”  One of them forgot to shut it yesterday.  Thankfully, not too much water and the car battery didn’t die.  Just praying it doesn’t mildew!

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