Life Lately: Part Two – Vaughn’s 8th Birthday

Sweet Vaughn turned 8 on Friday!  Cannot even believe my baby turned 8?!

He asked if he could visit the LEGO store in Charlotte for his birthday, so we made the trip up.  No, we didn’t make this trip just to head there, we were in town to visit my parents – but it worked out perfectly!

And he was in LEGO heaven!

Since we were already at the mall, I couldn’t leave before letting Effie visit the American Girl store.

She got some new high tops too!

They were so excited to be with so many of their cousins!

Vaughn’s never been too excited about cake, especially the icing, so he asked for a cookie cake this year!

Wore this top.

He’ll always be my baby!

The weather was nice and cool both mornings we were in town!  Savored every minute of it!

Loved wearing these cozy pjs.

Top (newest color) // Shorts // Sports Bra

My mom’s always made the BEST twice baked potatoes!

I forgot to pack something to wear on Saturday, so I glamorized this work-out top with these earrings to cheer on my Tarheels!

Such a fun few weeks!  Was so good to be home, but as always too short of a trip!