Life Lately: Part One

Charleston in the Fall is just beautiful!  While most days have still been pretty warm, we sure enjoy the cooler days when we get them!

Had to share this delicious Autumn Salad I enjoyed at EVO the other day!  If you’re ever in the Park Circle, you must try it!  Delicious!  The pulled mozzarella is so good too!


Some girlfriends and I made a quick trip to Hilton Head the other weekend!  The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!  I don’t think I’ve seen a sunset this beautiful in a long time!

I turned around in the car the other day and I swear I have teenagers sitting in my backseat!  I also capture this photo too because they accidentally matched and wore the same shirt.  Love it!

The boys have still been very into their LEGO sets.  With them both having birthdays in September and October, they’ve both been building up a storm!

All the kids have been taking lots of tennis lessons and loving every minute of it!  And Effie’s been loving Davis Cup!

Seriously, they’re growing like weeds!

Another ‘Life Lately’ post is coming up shortly!