Life Lately: Part One

So much to share with y’all from this past week.  What a whirlwind!  Logan had his last flag football game and his team did great!  They were undefeated until their last game!

I had a girls’ day after school one day.  The girls had their yearly check-ups.

Then we went out to dinner and got mani/pedis.  It was Wheeler’s first pedi and she loved it – especially the massage chair.

A bittersweet day!  Effie graduated from 5th grade!  Cannot believe I’ll have two middle schoolers in the Fall!

Effie wanted to wearthe same dress that Wheeler wore last year for her graduation.  Thought that was the sweetest!

Effie’s best friend since the first day of kindergarten!  When I talked to her teacher after the first day of kindergarten, she told me they were inseparable and asked how long they’d known each other, figuring they’d known each other all their life.  I told her they’d just met THAT day!

Effie was dismissed early on her graduation day, so we took her out to lunch.  Lanier also went back to work on the same day.  It was his first time back in the office since March 15th.

And then she chose Republic Ice Cream for dessert!

I wore this dress and she wore this one.  You know I loved that she wanted to match in our Lilly!  Fits true to size, wearing a small.


I surprised the kids and took them to see Peter Rabbit 2!  Their first movie at the theater in over a year!

We loved it!

Just so bittersweet!  Can’t believe she’s going to middle school, but excited for her too!