Life Lately: Our Halloween!

Wheeler and Effie’s pumpkins they carved all by themselves.  They even took out all the gunk themselves too.  Effie said those dots are freckles on her pumpkin.

October florals I assembled.

Visiting one of our dear friends.  I have so many photos of my kids at this door over the years.

The kids always ask me to take photos of them in front of the decorations.  They get really creative with this at Christmas.

Xiao Bao Cabbage Pancake for the win!  This is one of your MUST-TRYs in Charleston.  Always so good!

Sweet Boozer Boy turned 13 on October 22nd!  My first baby!

All geared up for tennis!

The girls started basketball last week and are loving it so far!  So thankful they’re close enough in age that they’re on the same team.

She was excited I fixed her pink glasses!

I got a pretty bad migraine the day before Halloween.  My kids were going to be so bummed if they had to miss the church’s fall festival.  Thankfully, we have awesome friends that took them for me.

This was such a cute book!

Stocked up at Coastal Skin Solutions last week!  I’ve loved this tinted sunscreen and lip balm for so long.  The NeoCutis Eye Cream and Neck Tightening Cream are both new products that I’ve only used a few days so far, but I’m loving them both.

Twinning is winning!

Amazing Fuji goodness!


Made it to all of their holiday parties in one hour!

We had a very happy Halloween!  Since so many of y’all got a kick out of Lanier’s amazingly terrible costume on Instagram, I thought I’d go ahead and share it here too.  Lanier’s probably going to kill me.  This was his last minute attempt at Hagrid from Harry Potter per Wheeler’s request, since she said he already had the beard.  And that’s an old Anna wig from Frozen he’s wearing.  But in the end, Wheeler appreciated the effort so that’s all that mattered.  It also took T-minus five seconds for Lanier to take this off after the photo was captured.

I hope y’all had a happy Halloween!