Celebrating Vaughn’s 7th Birthday at Great Wolf Lodge


Well, after we left Great Wolf Lodge back in May, we proclaimed we’d be back sooner than later!  And we sure did!  Vaughn asked if he could celebrate his birthday at GWL and we booked it as quick as we could!

Orange ears for Halloween and birthday ears for the birthday boy!

A sneaky selfie.

Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC is currently going through renovations.  They’re making the darker lodge that was before to a lighter, brighter Northwoods feel, like some of the newer GWL’s around the country.

We loved it!

Wheeler wanted me to make her look like she was levitating.  She’s a student in Ravenclaw.  She told me I couldn’t be Harry Potter because I’m an adult, so she asked that I be Professor Trelawney.  Effie’s in full on character as a girl Chewbacca, Logan the ninja and Vaughn, a Jawa.  I’m loving their choices so much!

The kids loved the Halloween Trick-or-Treat Trail!  Each night on the weekend, they have a trail you follow and get candy along the way.

Sweet 7-Year Old Cutie!

Besides the water park, the quests are also their FAVORITE thing to do while they’re at Great Wolf Lodge.  I’m clueless, but they love it!  Wheeler almost finished the Magi Quest on her last visit.  It was great that they all still remembered where their wands were at home because when they brought them in this time, it saved their quests from last time.  This time she conquered the Magi Quest AND the Shadow Quest.  Next time, it’s the Compass Quest!

We were super stoked to spend all day at the water park!  This was Lanier’s first visit and he loved the water park the most!

I got the kids and Lanier these rashguards and swimsuits while I was in Turks and Caicos.  Probably my favorite souvenirs from a trip ever.  Ones that won’t break after a few weeks.  Haha.  Scroll below to shop the ones the girls are wearing…

Effie’s shirt she colored herself!

This always happens with my kids.  Their names are a little too unique to be found at gift shops…except Logan.  We can always find Logan’s name.

Another one of their favorite parts – the Night Time Dance Party!

We ended our fun weekend at Krispy Kreme and they loved watching the doughnuts get covered in yummy glaze!

Her face perfectly captures a fabulous weekend of fun at Great Wolf Lodge!

Sweet Vaughn.  I hope he’ll never forget his 7th birthday celebration!  I know I’ve said it before, but if you’re thinking about going, do it.  Your kids will love it!

Thanks to Great Wolf Lodge for letting us experience another great weekend at one of our favorite family adventure destinations!