Life Lately + An OOTD

The weather this week has been incredible!  So thankful to finally see the sun!

Kisses from my sweet Boozer boy.

This pink cashmere sweater is currently on sale!  Take 30% off with code: SALETIME.  But I think it ends at midnight, so if you want it, score it soon.  It runs a little small.  I sized up to a medium.  Paired here with these jeans and these loafers.  I’m an 8.5 and wear a 39 in them.

This past Friday was Career Day at school.  Effie wants to be a kindergarten teacher when she grows up.  She’s wearing my old teacher badge from when I used to teach first and second grade in the CMS schools.  Love it!  Got her dress here.

Over the weekend, we headed to Charlotte to check out this Jurassic Quest adventure at the Charlotte Speedway.  It was a fun little drive thru with audio that told about lots of different dinosaurs.  It’s a touring exhibit, so check your area to see if it’s coming to your area.  The boys loved it!

My youngest sister (#6 of the 6 girls) had a virtual gender reveal party on Saturday.  The kids wore their guesses.  She’s having a boy so the boys were right!  With this baby, my parents will have 16 grandchildren and Wheeler is the oldest at 12!  The boys rule!  10 boys and 6 girls.

Yes, I went back to 167 Raw this week.  Couldn’t resist!  And this time, I ordered my forever favorite – the tuna burger!

BIG NEWS!  Y’all know I LOVE my m-60 PowerGlow Peel and Vitablast C Serum Pads, well they just launched this new amazing product.  It’s like a super charged PowerGlow Peel Pad, but with an extra strength.  It’s recommended to only use it once a week.

Well y’all, I used it and I am in LOVE!  You won’t believe the results.  I’m patiently waiting the weeks wait, so I can try it again.  You apply the PowerGlow Peel Extra Strength 20% pad, then sleep in it and rinse it off the next morning.  Trust me, your face will be glowing the next day!

This is another top that I just spotted at J.Crew that I’m thinking about ordering, while it’s on sale.  Can’t decide between the light green or the light pink.  Both are so pretty!

Today promises sunny and 70 degrees, so I’m set to savor as much outside time as I can!  We’re planning to get to the beach this evening for a beach walk and dinner on the beach.  Can’t wait!

For more J.Crew that’s on sale until midnight, head back to this post.

4 thoughts on “Life Lately + An OOTD

  1. Love the pictures of you n Boozer. Always adore your family pictures too.
    I think you need both colors in the gingham shirts. I have ( now 12 year old J. Crew button downs in these 2 as well blue)…. the wear is amazing. I keep now for fly fishing with my husband…. looks great with my Waders. Early Am I get warmth… as the day warms I can remove or keep on to combat the glare to my skin. So glad to see you again and I love your blog!

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