J.Crew Love! Tennis Everything! + Lilly Dress Crush

Green Sweater // Tennis Logo Tee // ‘Love-Forty’ Sweatshirt // Stripe Tee // Paisley Short // Tennis Tee // Shoes // Green Headband // Floral Headband // Floral Masks

Y’all, I feel like J.Crew’s latest collection that was just released was made for me!  Tennis everything!  A lot of y’all have asked me about sizing.  I ordered lots of these pieces earlier this week.  As soon as they arrive, I’ll report back on how everything fits!  But I can’t to see it all in person!

Balloon Sleeve Pointelle Sweater

These sweater are beautiful!  I had a hard time choosing my favorite color!  I ended up ordering the green.  Love that shade so much!  Currently 30% off!

Tennis Logo Tee

These tees are all so fun!  Not sure on sizing, but I went up a size just in case it was on the fitted side.

‘Love-Forty’ Sweatshirt

Obsessed with this one!  Not only is it so fitting for tennis, I just turned 40, so it’s perfect!

Stripe Tee

Loving the embroidery on this tee!  So cute!

Paisley Short

Cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these shorts!  Will be so cute to pair with even the simplest white tee!

Tennis Tee

Yet another fun tennis tee!  I feel like it’s been forever since J.Crew came out with such vintage, preppy looks!  I ordered so much, just in case it sells out quickly!


I have a pair of this style in another color combo, but loving the blush color for spring.  For fit, they’re true to size.

Green Headband

Was happy to see that they made the green paisley print into a headband.  Love it!

Floral Headband

And this fabric is so pretty too!  Would go with so many colors!

Floral Masks

You can never go wrong with fun floral masks!

Grey Terry Short

Can’t wait to try these on!  They come in a few colors.  I ordered the grey and will see how they fit.  If I love them, I may order more.

Pink Stripe Sweater

We find out tomorrow if my youngest sister will have a baby girl or a baby boy!  It’s her first and will be my parents’ 16th grandchild!  While my guess is a boy, I’m still going to wear this pink sweater.  Does that mean I’m jinxing it??  Lanier and the girls all think it’ll be a girl and the boys think it’ll be a boy!  Can’t wait to find out!  Right now, there are more boys than girls.

Scallop Bikini Bottom

I know this is super random to include a bikini bottom, but I have a Marysia swim top and want bottoms to go with it, but they’re a little too skimpy for me.  Hoping the rear has more coverage on this one to go with my top!

Seersucker Top

This was another top that I just couldn’t decide on which color to order!  I ultimately ended up with the classic blue and can’t wait to see how it fits!

One of these days the weather will warm up!  And when it does, I’m wearing this dress!  Absolutely LOVE the color and style!  For fit, it’s true to size.  Wearing a size small.

I had all intentions of wearing this outfit today, but the weather sadly wouldn’t allow it!  Love this oversized, comfy look!  This top is so soft and these shorts will be on repeat this spring and summer!  For fit, they run a little big.  I’m wearing a medium.  Not going to exchange them for a smaller size because I always wash and dry my clothes and know these will probably shrink a little.  And when I sometimes tell myself maybe I’ll hang things to dry, rather than tossing them in the dryer…yeah, that happens in the beginning, but then I end up forgetting and the dreaded shrink happens.  I’ve learned my lesson too many times.  That’s why I size up in most clothes.  Too big is okay.  Too small isn’t.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!  At this point, I’m not even surprised it’s raining yet again.  This month has felt like we now live in a rainforest.  But I looked ahead to next weekend and the sun looks much more promising!  And warmer too!  Trying to be optimistic here.  Haha!  I posted yesterday, in case you missed it.  Check it out here.  I know I’ve been behind on getting posts up.  My apologies!  I also just ordered this dress and can’t wait to wear it somewhere!  Such a fun colorful dress!

TGIF, Y’all!

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  1. Thank u ashley! I can’t wait for my jcrew purhases come!!! tennis tee and a couple new balances. Looking for something instead of my asics gel kayanos, the quality has slipped in the last few years, and looking for a walking shoe.

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