It’s November! + OOTDs + My New Barrington Gifts Tote

Happy Monday!  What a weekend!  I hope y’all survived Halloween and then the time change.  For my readers without kids, you got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning.  For those with kids, you got to get up earlier, since not many children understand that they get to sleep in an hour longer.  Seriously though, how many kids do that?  Mine were up at 5:15, and even it was an hour later, 6:15 is still pretty early for them.  Needless to say, they all napped yesterday afternoon and went to bed early, so I can’t complain.
I’ll be back to share more photos I captured on this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts, but wanted to share a few with you today, especially the ones that I used for on Instagram, as some of you don’t have  As you can see above, Logan would’ve been the perfect Sven, but he wasn’t having it.  Enter Mikey the Ninja Turtle.  He hasn’t taken it off since we put it on Saturday afternoon. Not even the mask.
After Wheeler’s class party, where I hosted Halloween Bingo and brought the boys and Effie along, Effie emceed with a microphone – we all headed over to the pediatrician for flu mists.  So glad I got that out of the way!
Friday’s OOTD

On Saturday, we headed to the Farmer’s Market for our usual strawberry & nutella crepes and lots of jumpy house fun.  It wore the kids out so much that they napped hard on Saturday afternoon.  It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, as I know they would be up later with all the Halloween festivities that night and trick-or-treating.  Many of you have asked about Wheeler and Effie’s boots.  I finally decided to pull out some of our cold weather boxes and found them in there from last year, and surprisingly they still fit!  Wheeler’s Minnetonka Boots are still available, and they have them in other colors too, even pink!  These are very similar to Effie’s.
Saturday’s OOTD

Vest (old J.Crew, very similar here, and it’s only $39.99) // Striped Dress (old, similar here) // J.Crew Signature Leggings // Minnetonka Fringe Boots // Tory Burch Sunglasses
Elsa and Anna – the perfect pair!  To say they had a blast would be an understatement!  The best part was getting to see all of our neighbors that we hung out with so much at the pool this summer.  We joked that we’re all hibernating until the pool re-opens in April!
With daylight savings time ending, and the kids’ early wake-up calls, we had plenty of time to get ready for church on Sunday morning.
Group Hug!

My personalized Barrington Gifts Tote arrived on Friday, and I could not wait to start using it!  The color scheme is great for year round use, but especially love it for fall.  And you know I had to find a way to incorporate my love of hot pink!

In more detail, this is the St. Anne Tote.  I love this style, especially that you can create your own tote, from the print, to the initial style, to the colors of the monogram.
The exterior is water-resistant nylon, so it’s very easy to wipe clean, the inside is canvas, and the pockets inside are perfect with a zipper pocket and a place for you phone.
To order this exact style and color combination, follow the easy steps below.
1. Head to Barrington Gifts.
2. In the “New Arrivals” tab on the top left, click on “Fall Monogram Stripe Collection” from the dropbox menu.
3. Click on the first tote, “The St. Anne Tote.”
4. Next choose your pattern.  The one I chose is five from the right.
5. Then choose your stripe.  My pink/orange one is the very first choice.
6. Choose your initials.  It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing the monogram with the bigger letter in the middle or the one like mine, still enter your initials in order.
7. And finally, select your monogram style.  You’ll have two options.
After that, you’ll be able to see a preview and you’re ready to order!

Yes, Vaughn was “Olaf” on Saturday, but come Sunday morning, he just had to match his brother.  Costumes are worn pretty much year-round here.  One day I know I’ll miss it! // “Every Brother is a Super Hero” Sign
I hope y’all have a great start to your week!  

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