HUGE JEWELRY BLOG SALE! All Pieces Only $17!

Happy Friday Evening, Y’all!  I’ve finally finished going through my jewelry.  Here’s what I have to offer you!  Contact me at, if interested.  First come, first serve.  You have 24 hours to pay through Paypal, and then I’m offering it to the next reader in the queue.  All jewelry is $17 with FREE SHIPPING!  If I can remember the designer, it will be listed below the piece.  Please include number and description, when emailing about which piece/pieces you would like, and your Paypal email address.  P.S. There are no bracelets listed, they are all necklaces.
Caroline Grace (1 Orange)
 4 The Plantation Shoppe
5 Tassel
7 Brown Long 
Banana Republic (8 Green/Turq Long)
10 Red, Green, Tan
11 Purple, Brown 
12 Blue, Brown 
13 Turq/Green Double Strand 
 14 Diamond Leaf Ring
 15 Banana Republic Green, Pearl
17 Gold Circle 
19 Light Pink Dangle Baubles 
21 Shell 
Banana Republic (24 Pink Multi-Strand)
25 Bow Drops 
27 Green/Light Green 
28 Blue/Green 
29 Orange Bauble 
Chezelle (local store in Charlotte) 30 Stone
31 Black Bead
Happy Shopping!

2 Pink Shell Necklace – Erika
3 Pearl Black Ribbon – Jessica
6 Turquoise Floral – Emily Cu.
18 Pink Bauble – Meghan
20 Cabochon – Emily Cr.
26 Loren Hope – Erica
32 Turquoise – Meghan

5 thoughts on “HUGE JEWELRY BLOG SALE! All Pieces Only $17!

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces….I can't decide on my favorite-love the shell earrings and double strand turquoise/green–to many wonderful things to pic a fav! I'll be back!

  2. WOW! You sure had a blow-out sale! Sorry I missed it! Keeping up with these two girlies are keeping me behind blogging to say the least! xo

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