How I Do It: Top Baby Essentials + Running Stats

After receiving many emails from expectant mothers, inquiring about my favorite baby go-tos, I finally compiled all of my top picks.  I swear by all of these products!  They are all quality items, that have lasted through all four of my kiddos!

Trust me, the Double BOB stroller may seem a bit pricey, but it seriously is the best stroller (whether you’re a runner or not).  Plus, it has great re-sell value too!  Don’t believe me?  See Craig’s List, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  My link takes you to Nordstrom.  I know it seems hard to believe, but they do carry these strollers, and it’s just where I ordered mine a couple of years ago.
These sweet socks are so cute, and come in an array of prints for all personalities.  Plus, they stay on so well.
The story of having four: I constantly used my baby monitor with W (checking the monitor for her every movement), and a little less with E and even less with L, and honestly, now I rarely use it with V.  But even through it all, it still does it’s job, when I do use it…like at the beach last week (it came in very handy).

If you enjoy going to the pool like I do, and are wary of your little one falling in, get these!  They have one clip in the back, so no fussing with inflating floaties, and trying to squeeze them onto your child’s arms.  They’re also surprisingly comfy.  My children have yet to complain about putting them on.
I love lots of baby layette designers, but Kissy Kissy has to be my very favorite!  They seriously make the softest baby clothes ever, and get softer the more you wash them.  They run small, so order a size up.
This seat is great to have on hand.  There are no extra parts, they keep the baby in place, and I love how lightweight and durable it is.  You can also add a snack tray, sold separately.  They also now come with buckles, and are called ‘Floor Seats’, so parents don’t place them on tables and counters.
The perfect container to toss in your diaper bag for on-the-go feedings.
I have these in every one of my children’s rooms.  It’s the perfect white noise sound, not too loud or too soft.
I call them troughs.  They catch everything and are so easy to wipe clean.  Each of my children have one, and have only owned one.  I’ve never owned another bib, except for these.  Even the girls still wear them, when I don’t want their outfits to get dirty (like for breakfast, before school).  Best $12 I’ve ever spent!
Rocked all of my babies in mine.  The color is so neutral too, that it fits well into any boy or girl’s nursery.
Has stood the test of time, from the beach to the mountains. Easily folds down, and continues to last.
My girls never took to Sophie like my boys do now.  While I admit she is a little pricey for a teething toy, she’s the perfect dose of gumminess.  She wipes clean so easily, without getting sticky afterward.  And I mean, she’s so cute too!
 Little V loves his Sophie for teething, especially now that he’s getting his first tooth.

Our Inglesina Umbrella Stroller has lasted us through four kiddos, and is still going strong.

Puddle Jumpers have been perfect for the pool every summer.  I own three of them!

In order for me to enjoy the food and beverages at the beach, without gaining ten pounds last week, I managed to run everyday…

 My Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes are still getting the job done!
The perk of running in the mornings at the beach, was capturing these photos at the end of my runs.
For the record, I never run ON the beach.  I’m way too paranoid of twisting my ankle.
 Click HERE for a recent post on all of my go-to running gear.
 My sister (#4 of the 6) had her second baby this past Friday, a healthy, sweet baby BOY!
We’re so excited to have a new addition to our ever-growing family!  My parents now have nine grandchildren, all age 5 and under!

Happy Monday, Y’all!

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  1. Such a great list of items!! Sophie was a must for my boys – oh the love she received. I loved the Nosefrida too – I know some think it's gross, but man that thing works.
    Those beach pictures are stunning!

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