How I Do It: Tips for Losing the Weight/Maintaining

How I Do It: Losing the Weight/Maintaining
These tips have helped me to lose the weight, and keep it off.  Hope they work for y’all, too!
Feel free to suggest any more I should add to the list.
Limit snacking.
Limit bites, licks or tastes. 
It always turns into wanting more.  I’m really bad at sticking to this one, especially when I’m prepping meals for the kids.
Protein at breakfast is so important.
It keeps you fuller, longer.
Dips are tasty, but measure out how much you need, before you indulge.
Trust me, you’ll always “over-enjoy” it.

Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite things, you always end up binging on them later if you do.
See above, but I can’t deprive myself of wine.  It’s my little reward.  Definitely worth the calories.
Remember, everything in moderation.
Prepare/order small portions.
Savor your food.  If possible, take time out of your day, to enjoy at least one of your meals, slowly.
Veggies are good for you.
I love them, but if you can’t handle them at all, consider spinach in a fruit smoothie.  It may turn it green, but trust me, you’ll barely be able to taste it.

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 The best part of the day?  Getting to meet my newest nephew!  Only 3 weeks old!

Sweet Little L turned 2 today!  We had a great time celebrating him yesterday.
Photos to come, on Wednesday’s Whereabouts.
Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “How I Do It: Tips for Losing the Weight/Maintaining

  1. First, Happy Birthday Big Boy L!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

    My weight management tip: Back when I used to have ranch salad dressing (I only have olive oil and garlic now) on my salads I would have the dressing on the side. I dip my fork in the dressing before putting the salad on my fork. You'd be surprised how much of the dressing you'll taste with each bite but you actually have a minimal amount of dressing.


  2. Great tips! My biggest problem is the "tasting" that I do when I'm cooking. I especially have this problem when I have to "improvise" my cooking/recipes. Thanks for the reminder to be careful with this!

  3. Happy Birthday to L! Your new nephew is so adorable! I totally agree with all of your tips- I'm about to start trying to shed my baby weight and it's hard to not snack all the time and try to sit down and savor a meal but I'm trying.

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