How I Do It: Summer Activities with Little Ones + Running Stats

Now that our summer vacation is upon us, just like many of you, we’ve got a lot more time at home with the kiddos.  I LOVE IT!  No more prepping lunches, carpools, more quality time and not having to rush anywhere early in the morning.  While we’ve been enjoying lots of time literally in our own backyard, I know there will be a point when the novelty of the blow-up pool and water-filled buckets will wear off.  So the question is, what to do next?  I know camps are a great idea.  I hope to start some of them next summer.  For now, all of mine are fine going with the flow, and doing whatever I think is a fun activity.  I know one day they’ll have more of an opinion on what exactly they want to do, but they’re not there yet.  So I’ve compiled a list of simple activities you can try with your little ones this summer.  Many of these are ones I’ve shared before on a previous Rainy Day Activity Post, but thought you could use a refresher – I needed one too!  Enjoy!
Pool Time. We’ll be doing this one the most, when it FINALLY opens all day.
Simply Paint.  Supplies: Small Canvases – Paint – Paintbrushes
Have a Treasure Hunt.  The hints can be rhyming.  Place them in envelopes around the house, and have a treat at the last spot (the treasure!).
Prep a longer bubble bath than usual.  Add extra special toys.
Make a tent.  Hang sheets off of couches or other furniture.  Read books inside.
Pop some popcorn.  Grab some extra snuggly blankets, pillows and kiddos.  Settle in for a good flick.
Get some binoculars.  Have them look around.  What they spot, they draw a picture of, even have the other children and you guess what they spotted, based on their drawing.
Have them put on a concert or show.  Film it on the iPhone, and then let them sit back and watch the show over and over and over again.
Pictionary, without the actual game.  Draw a simple picture and have the kids try and guess what you’re drawing.  Simple, but they love it!
Coloring Books (or even white paper) and Crayons
Board Games (Chutes & Ladders, Sorry!, Trouble, Go Fish)
Dance Party.  Put on some tunes (and maybe costumes too) and dance away!
Bake cookies, cupcakes, etc.
Building Blocks
Outings. Nature Museum, Zoo, Park, Library, Ice Cream, etc.
Go on a Walk/Stroll
Here’s a simple one I did about two years ago.  Kids were so young in these pics!

Still enjoying my Nike Frees!
I use the Endomondo App to track my runs.  For awhile it wasn’t tracking my mileage correctly, but I FINALLY solved the issue.  My Background Refresh App wasn’t on so the GPS wasn’t accurate.  Since, May 28th it’s been working just fine.  Expect to see more runs this week.  I hope those participating have been keeping it up!  Nothing like a good runner’s high to start your day…or end it!

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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  1. I'd love a post about eating out with your kids. We have three under two (23 month old twins, and a one-month-old), and we are really trying to instill good restaurant behavior in our toddlers. They do pretty well, but we have one screamer. I'd love to know how you do it with four littles. Thanks!

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