How I Do It: Running in Cooler Temps

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  The hubs has been out of town since this past Wednesday, so needless to say we were happy to have him home again late last night!  I think he had a great time catching up with old friends and getting a little R&R.  Who are we kidding here?  He headed down to Baton Rouge for his best friend’s wedding, and celebrated Halloween in New Orleans at Pat O’s, to name one of the many places they partied, and I think they pretty much lived it up every night they were there.  Good for him and his buddies, but I’m too old to even last two nights in a row, let alone four!  I think he was glad to have that extra hour of sleep (late night) on Saturday.  It was a trifecta in sports too, the Dawgs, Heels and Panthers won!

How I Do It: What to Wear for Running, When the Weather Gets Cooler…
So far, these Nike Running Pants have been my go-to.
They don’t slide down, and keep my legs nice and warm.
Next on my list are these pants.  I think once the temps drop even more, I’m going to need them for my early morning runs.
Any kind of ear warmers are necessary.  I’ve found these to work the best, as I wear headband style headphones.  They do their job, and aren’t too loose or too tight.  I’ve owned these for over two years, and have had no problems with them stretching.
Many gloves will probably do the trick, like I just have these, The North Face Shiso Gloves.  But I like that the ones above have tech tips, so you can manage your iPhone if needed, while keeping your hands warm at the same time.
I’m guessing I’ll probably need something a little warmer when it gets even colder out, but lately I’ve been loving these jackets.  They’re so soft and have just the right amount of insulation while I’m on my run.  Plus, any jackets that have the thumb holes on the sleeves are winners in my book.  The yellow one above is on sale.  It is a bit bright, but safer for those early morning/evening runs.
I LOVE this Athleta Jacket too!  Honestly, the print sold me, but it’s also super soft.  I’d never tried any of Athleta’s products before, so I was a little reluctant at first, but after reading many of the reviews, I was sold.  So happy I ordered it, and definitely worth the money.  This red licorice color is currently on sale.

Time and time again, I’m always raving about my Nike Free 5.0s.  I’ve had these since early June, and haven’t even wanted to try out another pair.  I’ve had no problems with my feet, and only hope the comfort continues.

I wear so many different kind of socks, but these are by far my favorite.  I tried the No-Show kind recently, and didn’t like them at all.  They slid down a lot, and the part on the top of my foot was really uncomfortable when I ran.
As far as what to wear under your running jackets, these shirts are great.  They help wick away sweat, and are so silky soft.  As it gets even colder, I’m definitely going to have to look for something a little more insulating though.  I’ll keep you posted.
As for Nike, what can I say, I guess I’m a loyal Nike girl.  I’ve always been impressed with their quality, ever since I purchased my first pair of Nike Tempo Shorts many many years ago.
Thanks to Carolina Style Magazine for selecting me as one of the Carolinas’ Best Style Bloggers, for 2013.  Click HERE to check out my feature.
Have you checked out the latest Nordstrom catalog?
Loving all of the NARS collections for the holidays…
A perfect all-inclusive set, and for only $59!  Not sure how long this limited edition set will last, but it sure would make the perfect stocking stuffer, or even right now, to dress up any holiday ensemble!
Pretty great collection, as well, only $49.  Comes in a fun lacquered lip case.

W doesn’t have school today, since Kindergartners have teacher conferences, so W and I are off to find some special fun, with the boys, while E is in school.  E shouldn’t feel too left out, she celebrated a friends’ birthday party this past Friday at Monkey Joe’s, and W was a wee bit jealous, so I told her we’d have some extra fun today!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

11 thoughts on “How I Do It: Running in Cooler Temps

  1. thanks for sharing! I really like those headbands, MAAAY have just added them to my Christmas list 🙂 I hate that cold is coming but it's okay, i GUESS if it means Christmas 🙂
    Congrats on the feature! How exciting!

    Have a great day,
    courtney @PrettyCheap

  2. I do two 5:30 am runs a week with two neighbors and I totally agree with all of your suggestions. For the really cold days, I have to say an athletic puffy vest is the best thing. I found it keeps your core warm but still feel free to run. Just a thought I figured I would throw out there as this morning was a little chilly!

  3. Ashley, you've been a real inspiration for me to be a better wife and home maker. While we don't have bambinos yet, I really admire your do-what-you-can attitude about mommy hood. I see that taking the higher ground and finding contentment in what you have and what's been provided to you and a routine and structure that leaves you feeling good about yourself! Seriously a lot to admire, and I have found myself following your lead and liking the results. Thanks!!

  4. I love Nike, too, especially for running. I have a pair of black running tights and my favorite cold weather gear is Nike Pro long sleeve shirts. I also like Under Armour tanks and shorts. Nike is definitely my go-to brand though!

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