How I Do It: More About Me + Running + Boys and Girls Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Wheeler’s Mermaid – LOVE finding doodles like this all over the house.
I hope y’all are having a great start to your week!  Thank you so much to everyone who emailed after last week’s post, requesting more How I Do It post suggestions!  One reader asked if I could provide more details into why I started blogging and what some of my favorite local shops were in town.  This article was written back in October so it’s a little dated, but here’s an interview I did with Carolina Style Magazine after receiving an award for one of the Carolinas’ best style bloggers of 2013.  Click here to read on.

Shoes (now on sale!) // Socks (on sale during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale) // Armband // Shorts // Top (old)
Late last May I picked up running almost everyday.  I would run about three miles, sometimes more, but usually three.  Many of you know that I kept up with this until October or so.  I kept you up-to-date each week posting my weekly running stats.  Then it got cold, and I kind of tweaked my knee so I had to take two weeks off.  It became harder to wake up and run in the cold, so I stopped running as much.  I picked up pilates/barre and some indoor cycling too.  Running wasn’t nearly as consistent as I wished it would have stayed.  Well I’m back to running again, and it’s amazing to see how much slower I am, compared to last year at this time.  This time last year I can’t believe I ran three miles in 27:20.

My goal is to get back to that point, but right now I’m taking it slow and easy.
Here are my latest stats…
For those interested I use the Endomondo Running App.  I was having trouble with it earlier this year, but I realized that my Background App Refresh was turned off, so it wasn’t as accurate.  Now it’s working fine.  As far as what music I listen to, I use my Pandora App and currently have it set on Taio Cruz’s Dynamite Station.  Although based on my thumbs ups and thumbs downs, it’s turned more into half Katy Perry/Black Eyed Peas/Pitbull and the other half Fun/Avett Brothers/Mumford & Sons.
As promised, here are my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for the boys and girls in your life.  There are some seriously good deals.  One of the best deals is the Patagonia Sweater Jacket (girls and boys).  All of my children have one.  It’s the lightest, yet most insulating jacket they own.  My absolute favorite is probably the Widgeon Leopard Vest (featured below).

Click on each image above to shop.

Click on each image above to shop.

Just four more days until the sale is open to the public.  And four more days to get double points!
Sometimes the sizes listed for each kids’ item can be a little tricky.  It may appear that only an XS is available on some pieces.  This is because you may have the “Toddler” size clicked on the right side.  If you look under Toddler, you’ll see Little Boy/Girl.  Click on it, and more sizes will then show up.
Here’s an example…

See how it’s only showing sizes 2T, 3T and 4T?  If you click on ‘Little Boy’ under ‘Toddler’ you’ll then be able to see 5, 6, and 7.  See below…
Hope that helps!
Hope y’all have a happy Monday!

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    1. The sizing is pretty true to size. If anything, I'd go up a size. That's what I did with all of mine. That way they can all wear them for a little longer and if they have a sweater underneath, they can still fit into it. The winters can get down to the 20s here. In those temps sometimes I may have them wear a sweater under the jacket, but they're still able to stay very warm in the jacket alone. I have one too and can wear a t-shirt under it and still feel super warm even when it's in the 30s outside. You'd be very surprised at how lightweight they are, for how insulating they can be!

    1. I stopped this past November, thinking I could stay on maintenance. Didn't happen. I've been trying to record them since January, but not consistently. This week is the very first week I'm determined to stick with it and be better about recording. I need to lose ten pounds I gained over the winter. I still think MFP is the best and easiest app for recording it.

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