How I Do It: Healthy Snack Ideas + Run Stats + Shopbop Sale

While I try to steer clear of snacking during the day, some days I’m just hungrier in between meals, than others.  So I always like to have healthy snacks on hand, for myself, and the kids.

My Go-To Healthy Snacks
Pretzels and Bananas with Peanut Butter
(fat that is filling)
Animals Crackers and Nutella
(a sweet treat)
York Peppermint Patty Minnies
(peppermint seems to help ward off hunger for me, and dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate)
Chips with Avocado
(another good fat, that is filling)
Tomatoes/Cucumbers/Pita Bread/Carrots with Hummus
(good fiber)
Hard-Boiled Eggs
(good source of protein and filling)
Do you have any other healthy snack options, that work for you?
I’m always up for new ideas!
My latest Endomondo running stats for the week…

Shopbop’s sale started today, and ends tomorrow (Wednesday!), so hurry!  Take an extra 25% off all sale items with code: SALE25.  And Shopbop always offers free shipping and free returns.
Here’s what I’m loving from the sale…

(many colors are available on sale, for less than $35; absolutely love this style sandal)
(Anchors. Need I say more?)
(this price is a steal for this dress)
(another steal on such a classic dress)
(absolutely LOVE this print)
(less than $70)
(y’all know me and my love for Tory’s cosmetics bags, and this one is less than $50)
(love the cut and lines on this sweet dress)
(only $33)
(less than $60, normally $195)
(absolutely stunning, retails for $595, on sale for $134)

(this one is a close second to the dress above, both beautiful dresses)
Don’t forget to enter code:SALE25 when checking out, to get an additional 25% off!
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

7 thoughts on “How I Do It: Healthy Snack Ideas + Run Stats + Shopbop Sale

  1. I'm wondering how this app compares to the Nike app . I have both and have noticed I can run the same distance with a big difference in calories burned. The Nike app is sometimes as much as 100 calories lower. What do you think?

    1. I have a friend that said she burned more calories on Nike than Endomondo, so I'm not really sure. And when I plug my minutes and miles into My Fitness Pal, it gives me less calories burned, than on Endo, so I usually go by what MFP says. Hope that helps! Keep up your running! Always a great work-out! 😉

  2. Girl, you are a running machine! Love snacks and I'm eating a lot of them right now and trying to eat healthy (the cravings are hard to resist though). I'm trying to resist sales and not even go look right now. Who knows what body will be like after baby.

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