How I Do It: Healthy Eating and Fitness Habits

I’ve had blog comments, Instagram comments and emails asking about how I lost my baby weight.  So without further ado, I’m planning on running a few posts, as part of my How I Do It series, on what habits have worked for me.  I know just telling y’all I use the apps: My Fitness Pal and Endomondo are great, but I realize y’all probably need more details on what exactly I am eating and how I’m working out, and more importantly, when I find the time.

Here are some examples of a couple of recent ‘good’ days on My Fitness Pal…

And running with Endomondo…

Like I said, I’ll go into more detail about my weight, my heaviest, how much I weigh now, easy meal ideas, etc. in the next few weeks.  I hope you enjoy it!  And don’t worry, I’ll still be back for more How I Do It posts with four, when I think of them.  Any ideas for that would be great!  And while I’d love to have y’all as friends on these apps to keep me accountable, unfortunately I can’t, for privacy purposes (i.e. Endomondo has a GPS).  Hope y’all understand!

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Thanks for your continued readership, and hope y’all have a happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “How I Do It: Healthy Eating and Fitness Habits

  1. I am looking forward to the rest of the series! I am a new mama and while I only have 1, I feel so busy to figure out how to lose the baby weight. If you can do it with 4, I am sure I can do it:)

    Some "how I do it" ideas I have would be… clothes shopping/organizing for the kiddos. Do you shop ahead, any strategies, how many outfits do you try and have per season? Grocery shopping/meals/cooking for family, family holiday traditions, schedule stuff.

    Love the blog!

  2. Figuring out time to run would be my biggest q! & I LOVE that you eat NORMALLY!! Good, delicious food, not just salads! I refuse to give up good food, coke zeros, & wine! You look amazing!!

  3. So good to hear you have to work at it and your not just born that way!! You look amazing for having four kids! Seeing your post made me realize it is not okay to eat 3 donuts when my kids frustrate me. ha! What do you do when you get frustrated by your kids? That would be a good post too.- Clearly, you do something other than eat!

  4. I look forward to the weight loss/fitness/nutrition posts – fun idea! Always love seeing your fashion posts too. I think it would be fun to see some of your household organizational ideas as well.

  5. Loving this post! Some ideas for more: motivation (that's my hardest area), meal ideas, running playlists, what to do when the weather is bad? I am eager to see when you find TIME to workout! Love your blog…I've made many purchases from your OOTD posts – thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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