How I Do It: Easy Lunch Meal Ideas + When I Run

For lunch time, I always try and go for something that will fill me up, and carry me over until dinner (trying not to snack in between meals).  Here are some easy meals I’ve been hooked on lately…

As for running, I know I’ve had many of you ask when I have time to run.  I basically do it, when I can fit it in each day.  Most days, I run in the morning, between 6-7.  The girls are usually up between 6 and 7, and I’m normally up at 5:45 (I’ve always been an early riser), so sometimes I push one of the girls in the stroller (whoever is interested), and the other one usually stays at home, watching cartoons.  The boys normally don’t get up until around 8, and the hubs is up around 8:15.  This past week, it seemed to rain everyday, which usually puts a damper on running, but the thing is, if you’re committed, even if it’s drizzling, you can do it!  I run with my iPhone strapped to my arm, but I found that if I flip it around, so it faces to the back, it normally doesn’t get wet.

The hardcover, signed editions of Revenge Wears Prada are still available at Target, for $16.  I hope to start it once I finish Grace: A Memoir (so far, a great read!).

I wore my new Baublebar pieces to my friend’s Sip and See this past Sunday.
I paired the peony necklace with my J.Crew Camille Dress (currently on sale).
We’ve been back to the pool, and still can’t get enough!  Thank you, Mr. Sun!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. I have to copy Jade's comment! Just found your blog a couple of days ago, and love it already! I'm from South Carolina and it's great to see such successful southern bloggers!

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