How I Do It: A Day at the Beach/Pool


With summer in full swing, and beach/pool trips on the calendar, I thought I’d give y’all a little check-list of items I always have handy, whenever we hit the beach/pool…

Beach/Pool Must-Haves
(Always in my beach/pool bag – ready to go, at a moments notice!)
Swim Diapers
Suntan Lotion
Beach Towels
Pool/Beach Toys (as few as possible)
Baby Wipes
Change of clothes (for all kiddos)
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion
Plenty of drinks
Swimmies (Floaties)

The Procedure.  Whenever we head out for the pool/beach, I always get the kids dressed in their swimsuits, with their suntan lotion on their faces, before they get in the car.  The boys I keep in their regular diapers, until right before they get in the water.  Most of you know how well the swim diapers work (not well at all), so I always wait until right before they get in, before I put them in their swim diapers, otherwise, they always leak out in their carseats/strollers.  Not cool.  When we arrive at the beach/pool, I spray them all down with the spray suntan lotion, and have them wait until it gets pretty dry, before they get in.  While that stuff runs out pretty quickly, it works wonders, rather than me having to lather them all up, when we get there.  I wait until we arrive, before I apply it all over, to keep the lotion off of their carseats.  So far this summer, they have yet to get a sunburn (fingers crossed!).
Kids Who Lunch.  I always bring lunch whenever we’re on an outing.  That way I can feed them while we’re out, and they normally eat better, when we’re away from the house.  While it’s an extra step when we’re getting ready in the morning, it makes it so much easier when we get home.  That way I don’t have to mess up the kitchen for lunchtime, and they can go straight to bed for naps, when we get home.  Make sure to include small paper plates, napkins, throw-away drink boxes, and wipes.  Easy lunch ideas include: cut-up fruit, veggies, crackers, string cheese, deli meat, squeezable yogurts and applesauces, etc.  I always include a fun dessert (cookies, fruit chews, etc.) too, which gives them an incentive to eat all of their lunch, so they can earn their dessert!
Sorry, Not Sorry.  Although this may offend some people (attempting to help), but never rely on others to help you prep.  I know, I seem crazy, because assistance is always appreciated, but what I mean is that if you always prepare and pack the bags yourself, then you know what goes.  Have your helper (if you’re lucky enough to have one – a friend/parent/grandparent/spouse/neighbor) watch the children, while you pack the bag.  This way, there’s no one to blame, but yourself, if something gets left behind.  Here’s hoping, it’s not one of the kids!
Did I leave anything off of my list?  What else do you include in your beach bag?
I hope y’all have a great start to your week!  We’re off to swimming lessons this morning for the girls, and hope to spend the rest of the morning at the pool!

5 thoughts on “How I Do It: A Day at the Beach/Pool

  1. Funny about not enlisting helpers. When it's just me taking the kids to the pool during the week, I feel like the getting ready process is pretty easy and streamlined. When we add my husband to the mix on the weekends, it somehow becomes way more chaotic!

  2. What kind of beach/pool bag do you have? Curious as I need a new one and want it to hold a lot but not be too heavy before putting all necessities inside.

  3. I just started a blog at if you could give it a glance and let me know if there's anything I should change, that would be so greatly appreciated! I love following you and your kids, they are so precious! Your fashion, manners, and lifestyle tips are so great, also! Thank you for being such a good inspiration!


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