How I Do It: Baths + Showers

How I Do It: Bath Time
Bathing is a good work-out.  While it may seem arduous to have to bathe four children at a time, it’s really not.  I mean, once you’ve got one kid in the bath, what’s the difference in adding another, or another, or another!  I look at it as a time to bond with the kiddos, while in the back of my mind thinking of all the calories I’m burning, trying to hold down bodies, scrubbing them, and rinsing them off.  And no, no matter how strenuous, I don’t log in the burned calories on MyFitnessPal.
Making bath time fun.  The last thing I need is for one of the kids to complain about having to take a bath.  It’s already enough that I’ve got to throw three kids (soon to be four, once he’s sitting up) in the bath, and having a whiney kid on top of that doesn’t make anything easier.  Our bath is always full of toys (mermaid Barbies, squishy letters, boats, you name it).  One thing our bath doesn’t have are the squishy toys that spray out water.  I did away with those after reading an article about all the bacteria those things carry, since you can’t really ever completely clean them out (and I’m not a germophobe by any means).
Not a daily task in this household.  I know this may seem shocking to those of you that wash your children every single day, but I don’t wash them that often.  Normally, I wash them every other day, depending on how dirty I feel like they are.  Now when the boys get a little older, I may be on a slightly different regime.  But for now, I throw W, E and L all in at the same time, and that gets the job done.  I reserve some alone time to bathe V at another time, since our quiet time with each other is rare, and this time is so sweet and precious.  He loves getting some extra attention from his mama, and he completely deserves it.
My quiet time.  Even if it’s just for five minutes, I love a quick shower.  Normally, I jump in and out most mornings, before I tend to the kids, and use a shower cap.  My hair is so dry that I normally only wash it once or twice a week.  I also swear by Emi-Jay hair ties, because I can pull my hair up to do dishes, laundry, bathe the kids, and then take it out later, and there’s no dent.  Oh, and when I’m taking any shower, I always use Oil of Olay’s In-Shower Body Lotion.  You lather it on at the end of your shower, and rinse it off right before you get out.  That saves me so much time, since I’m not left having to put on lotion when I get out, and it really works.
How does bath time work in your house?  Is it part of your child’s nightly routine?
I wish I could do it, but I never know what each evening may bring.
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

8 thoughts on “How I Do It: Baths + Showers

  1. I definitely don't bathe my kids everyday either. Not only so they not need it, I feel like it dries our their skin. Love the how I do it posts!!

  2. I'm with you on not bathing daily! I love pool season because I keep a bag of shampoo and body wash in our pool bag. I pack pajamas and have them ready to eat dinner and go to bed once we're home. On non-pool days, my 7 1/2 year old daughter usually does her own shower, and I bathe my 4 year old son. Sometimes they still bathe together, but we have an older house with a small-ish tub, and now that they're bigger, it's a tight fit!

  3. We don't bathe our twins every day either. Luckily they still sit in their bath seats (11 months). I've had to bathe them a few times before without them, an I'm not looking forward to that. We might switch to bathing one-at-a-tile when that happens.

  4. I bath Ella (4) and Leo (2) every other day. A dermatologist told me that if we did it every day it would dry out their skin too much. It use to be baths, but they have discovered the joys of dancing in our big shower. They are hilarious in there and I, too, am the one who washes them and changed diapers too. If I travel overnight for work, my kids know, no baths. 🙂

  5. Loving that spoon rest! You have great taste and always post such great finds!

    My kids are older so I am no longer bathing them…we are in the "primping" stage for my girls and the "I hate to take a shower" stage for my boys!

  6. I wish my hair was dry and I only had to wash it once a week or so! I have thin hair that gets oily easy so I have to wash every day or every other. I love these posts!

  7. I loved reading this- it amazes me how you handle life with four young kids! I definitely don't bathe landon every night, but during the summer I find he requires more just because of how hot and sweaty he gets, or if we go to the pool in the evening and I need to get the chlorine off his skin. Those squeezy bath toys totally gross me out by the way. 🙂

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