How I Do It: 2014 Resolutions

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How I Do it: Resolutions
Make them simple, yet challenging, but not impossible.
Eat Healthy // Stay Active // Get Organized // Stay Optimistic // Attend Church Regularly // Pray More
As I aim to meet these goals in 2014, I’ll keep you updated through my How I Do It series.
Eat Healthy.
Now that I have my new Vitamix, I’m planning on using it to make more healthy food, for myself and the family.  It not only can make the best smoothies, but the best dips and soups too.  Yes, soup!  And hot soup!  It’s able to blend so fast, that it actually boils water!

Drink more water and give up Diet Cokes and other soft drinks (I usually drink at least two a day).
Stay Active.
Since I’ve started working out more, it’s been easier for me to incorporate this into my busy life (I work-out between 6 and 7am, before the children wake up).  But with this extremely cold weather, I continue to opt to work-out indoors and strength train, rather than run. I’d really like to start running more and doing more cardio again (like I did this past summer), but still provide myself time to strength train too. I guess my goal is to find a balance between the two, and suck it up and brave the cold, to make it out for a run.

I’ll aim to keep track of this each week for you, because I know many of you say it keeps you inspired to the do the same.  And look for a work-out gear post on Friday!
Get Organized…then Stay Organized.
I feel like I purge a lot, but then the next week, the same drawers and spaces are cluttered again with more junk.  While I need to clean out, I need to remember to keep it that way, rather than just tossing things into drawers and baskets again, and then having to do the whole thing again later.
Attend Church Regularly.
While we go to an awesome church, and are pretty active in the church community, my goal is to make it to church every Sunday.  It was hard over the holidays, because we were either out of town, or too tired by Sunday to get the kiddos and ourselves all dressed in time.  And then there’s the struggle with the boys in their nursery rooms.  There have been a few times when they’ve called us to get them (crying too long), and then I’m having to entertain them, while the rest are still in Sunday School or the service.  I think once we start attending regularly again, it’ll make it easier on the boys, since they’ll be used to the Sunday routine.  Here’s hoping!  All I know is that for myself and the hubs, we need that strong foundation in our life, and we want our children to have the same.
Pray More. Make More Time for Him.
While I usually pray every night, it usually involves thanking the Lord for the many blessings in my life, and by the time I’m finished with my initial prayer of Thanksgiving, I forget what else I was going to pray about.  I know that’s a good thing, but I need to remember that when life seems out of control at times, that that is the time to pray too.  If anything, it reminds me that I’m not the one in control here, He is.  Coming from a Type A personality, having someone “take over” can be tough, since I feel like I know myself best.  But that’s not right at all, He knows me better, and that’s what I need to always remember.

I need to aim for more devotion time.  I have Jesus Calling and Dear Jesus books that one of my sisters gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago.  I need to get that back out, and my Bible, and put it on my night stand.  Easier access to the priorities, means I’ll use it more.

Stay Optimistic.
When the going gets tough, I feel like that’s when your children and those around you watch you the most carefully.  Not necessarily with a judging eye, but with a wondering eye, seeing how you’ll react.  You know what?  I feel like sometimes a simple smile (even when you’re stressed) with your children around, let’s them know everything’s okay, even when it may not seem that way in your mind.  Don’t let them know it.  They don’t need to be dragged into what you’re dealing with, they’re innocent.  And sometimes, making that smile or that laugh, helps your stress levels too, even when you’re just trying to fool the children.  Seriously, try it sometime.  And if you’ve read in previous How I Do It posts, you know I’m all for having my children take deep breaths to chill out, and start the day over.  I know it works, because sometimes I have to do it too.
Life can seem like a whirlwind, especially when you live in a 1500 square foot house, but I wouldn’t change this closeness for the world!  I honestly feel like it’s made me be a better mother to my children.  They’re always around.  There’s seriously never been a time where I’ve told them to go to their room to play, which they willingly and happily do, when I still could hear their play and laughter.  Their ability to pretend play and read books so well with each other is the greatest blessing!  And because our house is so small, I can always hear them.  Call me intuitive, or a multi-tasker, but I always know what’s going on, and I’m so grateful for that.  I feel like they’ve learned to share better because there isn’t as much privacy here.  I realize they’ll need that as they get older, and we’ll adjust/move then, but for now, the Lord has kept us in this sweet, small home for a reason, during this very special  time in our lives, and I will always be forever grateful for that!  See…optimistic!
Report Card.
And finally, how am I doing?  As you, the reader, I’d love for some feedback of what you’d like more of, what you like, dislike, blog post topics, etc.?  Your opinions mean so much to me, and helps mold Sweet Southern Prep into what it is.

I know a few good ones to help start the ball rolling.  First, I need to get back to posting everyday! I apologize for that, and hope that once school starts back today, things will start getting back in order, for me to do that.  And secondly, I’ll have more OOTDs for my Friday posts. I’ve definitely been slacking in that area lately, and I know how much many of you enjoy them.  And finally, I have definitely been forgetting to post Weekend Inspirations.  I know many of you have said in the past that you love when I post these.  I apologize for forgetting them, and plan to post them much more often.
Well, whatever unfolds in 2014, you know I’ll be right here to share it with you, my loyal SSP readers.
Thank you for your continued readership!
I wish you all a very happy and belated New Year!
Also, remember to check back here early tomorrow morning, for a big sale reveal!
Can’t wait to share it with y’all!
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13 thoughts on “How I Do It: 2014 Resolutions

  1. We have such similar resolutions and glad to know we aren't the only family in a tiny house ours is 1400 sq feet although you have double the kids of me. It is tough sometimes especially when there are toys everywhere that drives me nuts. But plus side I don't need a baby monitor because I can just hear Frances cry across from our room:) Truly love your blog and hope next time I am in Charlotte we can grab a glass of wine! I need some major workout inspiration as I try to lose this baby weight so love any tips! and church is a big one for me too!!

  2. This was inspiring and I could tell so truthful! You arnt sugar coating anything! Love that!! Church is a big one for my husband and I! I too am an avid runner and have been looking into strength training. Would love to know what you do in the house for that, please. I live in GA and have been fighting against this cold weather to get my cardio in. Lol

  3. Great post, as usual! I love your blog and look to your posts for fashion and general insight. I love your positive and down to earth perspective. As far as this post, I cannot recommend Jesus Calling highly enough. Best wishes for the new year!

  4. Enjoyed this…Happy New Year…we live in a smaller house with 3 kids (1,5,8) and I embrace it…my kids are never far away and while at times it is challenging, for the most part I enjoy it! I can't furnish, decorate, or keep anymore organized/clean than I already have so I know we have enough. It has also forced me to live minimally and has enabled me to be a SAHM, which has been the right decision, for now, for our family of 5! I have found most things can be a matter of perspective…Mandy

  5. Oh, girl, you know I feel you on the small house. Four people in 1100 sq ft (and one bathroom!) has been a struggle, but also a real blessing. Jim and I talk about that all the time – how God has a plan for our sweet little family and this wonderful home in the wonderful neighborhood has been life saving sometimes. But also maddening 😉

    Our big goal for 2013 was church – Molly hated the nursery when she was little and James did too for about six months. Thankfully, like you said, with consistent Sunday mornings, it's just part of the routine now!

    And cold runs. They're awesome and they suck. But 20* runs when we're not really used to it? Are hard! Good for you for keeping up with any kind of workout at all.

  6. I am reading the Jesus Calling devotional this year and have really enjoyed it the past few days! I hope everything works out well this Sunday with the boys! I teach Sunday School and it is tough on the kids but I know routine helps.GOOD LUCK!

  7. Love everyone of your resolutions- these are good ones. Also I love your blog and I think your How I do it, Work out posts and fashion posts are my favorite. It's great to see that you dress up cute with 4 kids- I'm so tired of people telling me I should not bother dressing up and just live in yoga pants all day because I have a baby. I still like to look cute 🙂

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