Holiday Gift Guides Start Now with The Ultimate Guide for Kids’ Toys

Happy Wednesday, y’all!  My favorite time of the year is here!!  It may have to do just a little bit with the fact that this involves my birthday and Christmas, but also just the holiday season in general!  Lanier kills me every year because I start listening to Christmas music so early, probably next week, but I seriously soak it all in!!  Always have, always will.  Today, I’m sharing my first holiday gift guides with you, for holiday toys.  If you’re not about holiday shopping quite yet, no worries!  I’ll be compiling each gift guide into a comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide post. That way, you can keep checking back in on my sidebar, and I’ll update it as I post new gift guides.  Just so you know, I’ll be attempting to include everyone on your list this year, from the hostess and teacher to the parents and little children in your life.
So today, I’m starting off with a bang!  Mostly because I know the good gifts go fast!  Have y’all checked out the toys section at Nordstrom?  They have some of the coolest gifts!
When I started looking around, as soon as I saw this karaoke system, I jumped at it for Wheeler.  Wheeler has always been a performer, so much that she’s pretty reserved if you meet her, but give her a microphone and she’s ready to entertain you.  As shy as she may seems, ask her to sing Let It Go, and she’ll start belting it out without any coaxing.  No stage fright here. She’s much like Lanier in that aspect.  Reserved until she’s comfortable, then she’ll talk you ear off.  I gave the girls a cd player earlier this year, so they could listen to their cds (mostly Frozen) in their room, when they wanted.  But this karaoke machine will definitely step up their game.  I mean, it has strobe lights too.  While Wheeler may not exactly ask for this particular gift this Christmas, she’s going to be thrilled with this fun surprise.  And sometimes, aren’t surprises the best kinds of gifts?
Yes, there are a million places to order toys this time of year and I know it’s kind of odd that I’d go with Nordstrom of all places, but y’all, their customer service is hands down the best!  Just say your child opens a gift, and doesn’t like it, just take it to your closest Nordstrom or mail it off and return/exchange it, no questions asked.  On top of that, there’s no time period for when a return can be processed.  Trust me, I’m all for shopping at other online sites for toys, but Nordstrom is where I usually turn. Just knowing if it’s not what I wanted or what the kids wanted, I can always return it super easy.  I mean all it takes is peeling off the return package sticker slip and sticking it on the box, AND it can be returned for free.  Much much easier than any other site I know for toys.
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You may be wondering why I haven’t purchased an Anna and Elsa costume for the girls yet.  Well, the Elsa costume that I saw at a store awhile ago, had super itchy sleeves, and I knew the girls wouldn’t wear it, so I’ve been waiting for something better to come along.  I feel like this one featured above looks more comfortable and less itchy.  If the girls in your life are just as into Frozen as my girls are, there’s an entire section devoted to all things Frozen here.

Inflatable Snow Castle (so it doesn’t snow that often here, but I still think this will be so awesome to use outside with or without snow) // Classic Etch a Sketch // Lightsaber Toy // Jumbo Race Car Carrier // Night Ranger Play Set // Catch and Count Fishing Game // Squigz Building Toys // Lazer Pitch Baseball Pitching Machine // Locomotive Sound Puzzle // Shopping Cart (we got this for Wheeler when she was 2, and my children all still love playing with it!) // Pound-a-Peg Workbench // Band in a Box // 
Our family takes part in Elf on a Shelf each year.  Our elf, Snowflake, always arrives on December 1st.  We don’t go all out and set up little scenarios everyday for him, although some of the ones I’ve seen people do are hilarious.  But he does move every night (if we can remember) and he reports back to Santa on their behavior.  It’s a great tradition!
And how cute is this little Aviator costume for your little Elf?
Of if you want to make your Elf an Elfette, dress her up in this little satin skirt for $6.95.
I saw this Handy Dad book and got it to give to Lanier for Christmas.  Currently on sale for only $12.

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As you can tell, Nordstrom has definitely upped their game in the Kids’ Toys Section this year.  I mean there are over 800+ items!  Check them all out for yourself here.  But like I’ve said before, the good stuff sells out quickly, so order soon. Plus, just think how happy you’ll be that you’re knocking out some of your holiday shopping so early, and even if it doesn’t work, it can always go back.  I placed my order last week, but I know I’ll end up ordering more.
Like I’m probably going to order this set today!  And there are so many classic books available too.  Check them all out here (over 70+ available).
In case you need some stocking stuffers.  All items are $15 and under…

Also, Nordstrom just started their Clearance Event today.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share my favorites!  Lots of items marked down!
Happy Shopping!
A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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