Halloween Night

We had a great time last night!  I hope y’all did too…

A beautiful evening for trick-or-treating!
So W has told me a million things she wanted to be for Halloween, leading up to the day of Halloween.  Well, NEVER did she mention she wanted to be a football player.  Her crush at school wore his Alabama football uniform at school that day in the Halloween parade, so when I asked her what she wanted to be, naturally, she said, “I want to be a Panther player!”  Luckily, I had this in their dress-up bucket…and she wore it proudly!
 Practicing her best Panthers GROWL!
My sweet butterfly.
 Testing out her shoulder pads.
 My mom (Gigi) came by to visit, and to see the kiddos’ costumes.
 Sister #3 of the 6 came to join us!  Thanks for your help, C!
Couldn’t miss our chance to give our neighbors’ UGA a kiss!
My inlaws – Grammy and Poppy, trick-or-treating with the girls.
 Very friendly neighbors.
And time for bed, after a fun night!
I feel like I’ve been bogging y’all down with photos this week.  But I’ll be back to regular SSP posts next week!  We all need to start making our Christmas lists, right?  Well, that’s if we haven’t already.
Happy First Day of November!

11 thoughts on “Halloween Night

  1. So sweet! I walked my dog in the parade, too. It was so great seeing all the little ones dressed up. I thought I saw your girls, so funny! Should have said HI!

  2. Love the photos and the beer bucket and bottle of wine in the wagon, wish I lived in a friendly neighborhood like that! 🙂 Your kids are adorable, wish we could hear their full first names, bet they are preppy! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the story behind her costume. That is just hysterical! And I'm totally stealing the idea for adult treats. We bonded with our neighbors last night and it would have been great to offer them and the parents a cold one 🙂

  4. Awww so cute! I love the story of why she wanted to be a football player – you'll definitely have to remember that to tell her when she is older. xx

  5. Adorable lil ones! Lil L is getting so much blonde hair! And yes, I can't wait to see your Christmas list-been making mine and ordering away, and would love to know what you have in mind since you always have awesome ideas!

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