Good Beer!

Has anyone tried this?  Sweet Water BLUE.  My hubby picked this up a couple of weeks ago since Kennebunkport Blueberry Wheat Ale isn’t in season right now at Trader Joe’s.  It’s actually pretty delicious!  It’s got a little hint of refreshing blueberry, but not overpowering.

Whatever you do, do not try Wild Blue!  It is way too blueberryish and very strong (8% alcohol)!

Sweet Water BLUE will definitely hit the spot this spring/summer.  Right now, I’m only feeling hot chocolates, or maybe a white russian or two.  YUM!

Next to this:

And wearing this:

I never thought I’d be over snow, but I seriously am.  Snow, snow, go away!  I need the WARMTH of the SUN!

2 thoughts on “Good Beer!

  1. OH EM GEE
    I KNOW. I am over the cold. It's MARCH and it was snowing in Atlanta. I can't take it anymore! Yet, sipping a beer or on a hot toddy does the ease the pain a little. Haha!

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