Golden Globes Fashion

I LOVED the fashion from the Golden Globes last night!  From the black dresses to the pinks, to the stunning green dresses, they were all beautiful!  I know everyone else has posted their favorites, but my most favorite dress was Emma Stone’s dress.  What a killer body!  Normally, she looks like this…

And last night, she looked like this…I barely recognized her at first!  And she’s actually a natural blonde.  Her Calvin Klein dress was so simple, but gorgeous!

 Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday!

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23 thoughts on “Golden Globes Fashion

  1. That dress was amazing – I'm not familiar with her work, so after last night's program, I'll definitely have to check out her performance.

  2. I did not recognize her at all. Once I finally realized it was Emma, I thought she looked beautiful, and I love that shade of blonde.

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