Fitbit vs Endomondo + Many Holiday Sales End at Midnight + Gigi New York Uber

Happy Monday!  I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend spent with family and friends.  Our beach vacation came to a close yesterday.  We were sad to leave such a fun place with family, but last night when we unpacked, it felt good to be home.  Can’t way to share the rest of our holiday weekend recap with you on Wednesday!
After two weeks away with little time to squeeze in a run, I definitely gained a few pounds.  The food and drinks were amazing.  It was too hard to resist.  I mean, it was a vacation, right?  This week it’s all about starting back my runs and eating healthier meals.  This morning, I started my day off with a good three-mile run, an egg and a double shot of espresso.  Felt so good to knock out a good run before the children got up.  Now I’m finished with exercising for the day, and can focus on eating right and whatever else this day has in store for us.
Fitbit vs Endomondo
If you’ve been keeping up with my running stats, you’ll know that I’ve been using the Endomondo App for at least two years, maybe more.  I’ve been so happy with how well it’s worked for me, that I’ve never wanted to try anything else.  Since getting my Fitbit Charge HR, I’ve only really used it to check my steps and my sleep.  Well, this morning I set out to test whether or not the Fitbit Exercise Tracker was as accurate as my Endomondo App.
I started both the Fitbit and Endomondo at the same time and started my run.  After the first mile, both told me at almost the exact same time how long it took me to run the first mile.  The second mile was different.  While the Endomondo app came on at Mile #2 and told me how long it took me to run the second mile, it also told me the total of both miles together.  The Fitbit only told me the total minutes of the two miles, not how long it took to run the second mile.  As for tracking accuracy, they both came on at the say time, so I’d say the GPS on both is almost exactly the same.  
Another perk with Endomondo is that if you have friends on the app, if they check their app and see that you’re running, they can type in words of encouragement for you on your run.  And if you have headphones, the “Siri-like” voice comes on and reads it.  It’s pretty entertaining, and I honestly do run a little faster when I hear the messages.
I’m so conflicted about which one I like better because I do like seeing all of my stats in one place on my Fitbit App.  It keeps track of my weight, food intake, sleep log, steps, etc.  Endomondo is strictly for exercise only.  So maybe I’ll just use both?  Do y’all use a running app?  Which ones do you like?
Lots of 4th of July sales are ending at midnight.  I’m hoping to sit down while the kiddos nap today and shop the sales before they all end.  For an extensive list of all the sales and some of my favorites, head back to Thursday and Friday’s posts.
One sale I forgot to mention was Rebecca Taylor.  I just love her silky, flowy tops with the prettiest prints.  I’m trying to decide between these two below.  Take an additional 40% off all sale items with code: JULY40.
(Was $250, Now $89.40)
(Was $250, Now $89.40)
After trying to decide for what seems like forever, I finally made up my mind on what color to choose for my Gigi New York Uber Clutch.  I went with the Harbor Blue over the White.  Can’t wait until it arrives!  Don’t forget the Summer Sale is still going on!  Prices are so good!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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