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Had a reader reach out and ask if I would share my favorite sunglasses. Here are my personal favorites that I own and love! And yes, I realize I have an addiction. Some of these I’ve owned for years and years and still continue to love them!

As for how I store them, I keep all of them in their cases and have a few in my center console most of the time. I switch the ones I use out each season and have ones for only the boat (like my Costas). On why I have so many…whether I was pregnant, overweight, just not wanting to shop for clothes, etc., I could and still can always find sunglasses that fit. That also goes for shoes and jewelry…and handbags. Guess you know why I’m in this profession. Love to shop and help you with your shopping too!

Coffee Mug

On another note, I just finished a three-day juice cleanse. So let’s just say I was very happy to be enjoying my coffee by Thursday morning that I hadn’t had since Sunday. I’ve done the one at Blend Juice Bar a few times now and always love it. Head to their site for more info. It’s not one of those that you’re starving yourself each day. There are five different juices with different ingredients in each, that you drink each day. They’re all cold-pressed juices, so there’s a ton of food in each, just condensed to almost a smooth liquid consistency. I’m not saying this will happen with you, nor do I always lose this much each time, and I’ll also gain some of it back, but I weighed myself on Monday morning and on Thursday morning after the cleanse was over and lost 7.5 pounds. I never do this cleanse to lose weight, just a detox for a few days. But this time the weight loss was obviously a bonus.

Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend!

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