Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Electric Pressure Washer // Wash & Shine Kit // Roadside Safety Kit // Mechanical Tool Set // Air Purifier //Weather Station // Cordless Drill Kit // 11-Person Cabin Tent with Private Room // Performance Cooler // Hammock // Beer Pong Golf Set // Pickleball Starter Set

Father’s Day is right around the corner!  And what better place to shop than at WalmartWalmart always have the best prices and the best selection.  Sharing my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas on today’s post!  If ordered soon, everything will arrive before Father’s Day!

Electric Pressure Washer

I know the satisfaction Lanier gets when he pressure washes.  We’ve always borrowed ours from a neighbor, but I know he’d love one for himself.

Wash & Shine Kit

I feel like not just the dads would enjoy this little kit.  The kids would probably love to get their hands on helping out with all of these products.

Roadside Safety Kit

Not only great as a gift, but honestly for anyone to have in their car.  And this whole kit is only $30!

Mechanical Tool Set

I swear Lanier has about three of these sets, but he’s always missing parts of them.  What’s one more to add to his collection?  Always great to have around when fixing anything around the house.

 Air Purifier

We’ve never used an air purifier before, but have heard great news.  This would make a great gift!

Weather Station

If you have a husband or father that is really into the weather, this would make a fun gift!

Cordless Drill Kit

Lanier would agree that once you go cordless, you’ll never use your other drill again.

 11-Person Cabin Tent with Private Room

Okay y’all, we haven’t been camping in so long, but we love going when we do!  I think I’m going to gift this one to Lanier in hopes that we’ll plan a camping trip soon!  This one would be perfect!

There’s also this pretty sweet little 12-Person Cabin Tent, complete with two entrances and a screened porch.  Thank goodness Lanier’s an Eagle Scout because I would have no idea how to put this one together!

 Performance Cooler

A big cooler always makes a great gift!  We love using ours for everything from events and parties at the house to taking in on the boat with us.


This is another gift I’m thinking I’m going to gift Lanier.  Will be perfect for the whole family.  Love that you can move it to wherever you want.

 Beer Pong Golf Set

If you’ve got a golf lover, this little set would be fun!

 Pickleball Starter Set

And you know we love our pickleball set.  This set would make a great gift!  Trust me y’all, it’s so much fun!  Lanier and I love playing it in our driveway.

I tried to share a variety of different ideas from Walmart, since I know lots of dads enjoy different hobbies.  But I feel like Lanier would enjoy any of these gifts!  Hope this post cuts down on your shopping time!  Good luck!

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Thanks to Walmart for their partnership on this post.