Fashion Friday: Whereabouts, OOTDs and Demoiselle

My apologies for neglecting the blog this week.  I’ve got two kiddos with ear infections, that finally came to a head yesterday morning…E and L were ornery and tired children, which lead to a doctor visit and antibiotics, that they started yesterday afternoon.  Praise the Lord!  Here’s hoping they’re feeling better today.  I’m so ready for this cold, rainy winter to be out of here!

Just a heads up, this is a loaded post, to make up for all the absent posting this week…

Last Friday, we had a spur of the moment (much needed) play date.  My friend brought these little red velvet goodies from Edible Art, a delicious cake boutique here in town.  They created my wedding cake, too!
 On Saturday, the whole family headed over to our friends’ house, to help celebrate their son’s birthday,  who was turning three.  He’s seen in the above photo, with W, having a blast on his trampoline!  W says they were “extercising.”
 As usual, L couldn’t get enough of their toy cars.
Perfect timing.  We were able to watch the UNC game, while we were there.
As I showed you in photos earlier this week, later on that day, it snowed!
W asked if she could eat the snowman’s nose.  Guess she was hungry!
I had a couple of readers email me, inquiring about where I got the pink Hunters, E is wearing.  I purchased them at Nordstrom about two years ago.  You can find them on sale, HERE and HERE.  Just like the adult version, they’re so durable.  We quickly learned that they’re the perfect shoe for camping, too.  Everything washes off so easily on them…including cow poop!
Did anyone else go crazy with the huge J.Crew sale on President’s Day, like I did?  I just couldn’t resist.  There were so many classic pieces, that I’ll wear for years to come, and the prices on most of the items, I just couldn’t pass up!
 While hanging out most of the day inside on Sunday (watching the snow melt), W requested a Barbie color for her nails.  She liked this one the best.
Last Sunday night, the girls and I headed out to dinner with my parents.  After my dad went on a mission trip to Ethiopia a couple of years ago, he’s always enjoyed this Ethiopian restaurant here in town, Meskerem.  Notice the spilled water on the table?  Well, that was spill number #1.  Spill #2 happened after my dad taught W how to blow bubbles in her drink.  See below…
Such a troublemaker he is!  But boy did W laugh so hard every time she blew bubbles in her cup!
We couldn’t turn down ice cream after dinner, especially with it being right next door to the restaurant and all…
Bedhead Pajamas (old, but I also have THIS pair that is still available in all sizes, that I LOVE, and is currently on sale for $39 off) // Ugg Slippers // Butter Marrow Polish // Essie Play Date Polish // Emi-Jay Hairband
The girls didn’t have school on Monday, so I thought our plan was to hang out around the house most of the day.  Well, while I baked up these cheese muffins (it’s probably been two years or so, since I’ve baked anything from scratch!), the hubs (who didn’t have work on Monday either), got this great idea to take the girls to the Discovery Place.
 I hated I had to miss the outing, but laundry and cleaning had to get done that day, and there’s always next time.  Seriously though, check out E on this bed of nails!  They also rode the train into town for the first time, and LOVED it!
 On Tuesday, we headed over to a friend’s for a playdate.  She created this yummy apple nacho dish.
Simply slice apples, drizzle melted peanut butter over them, and sprinkle chocolate chips, almonds and coconut on the top.
L and V are just growing up.  L is now 17 months old, and V will be 4 months tomorrow!
My father-in-law stopped by on Tuesday afternoon.  Can you tell how popular Poppy is with the kids?
How fun is this necklace, I received from Demoiselle Jewels?  While they have an array of beautiful, classic pearls to choose from, as well as various styles of necklaces, I chose this one, because I wanted something a little different, and I absolutely love it!
If you decide to customize your own necklace, look at all the colors of pearls you can choose from!
Here are more Demoiselle pieces I love…
Light Purple (Essie Play Date) // Dark Purple (Butter Marrow)
I’m still enjoying these colors on my nails right now.
J.Crew Beaded Floral Necklace (sold out, but call 800 261 7422 and they’ll help you find it!) // J.Crew Boy Shirt in Dots // J.Crew Toothpick Jeans in Classic Rinse // Nars Lipstick in Casablanca // Michael Kors Silver ‘Blair’ Watch // Tory Burch Reva Flats // Anthropologie Pave Post Earrings
Yesterday, was the last sunny day we’re expected to have in awhile, so I made the most of it, with a pop of color, and my TB flats, since through the weekend, I’ll most likely be wearing these…again.
 We’ll be spending the weekend getting E and L rested up and feeling better, as they recover from their ear infections.  While attempting to get a good Instagram pic in the pharmacy drive-thru line, I took the pic above, first.  Seriously, how good is this song we were listening to?  Loved them at the Grammys too.  Then again, I loved just about EVERY performance at the Grammys this year.  The girl that has been touring with the band, Fun., since 2009 (and performed on stage with them at the Grammys), grew up with my younger sisters at the church I grew up in, here in town.  Pretty cool.
 Here’s hoping that this is the last time I’ll have to wait in line at the pharmacy drive-thru this season.
Fingers crossed!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  I’ve got a full week of regular posting, starting tomorrow, yes, Saturday.  Monday, I’ll be back to my How I Do It series, and on Tuesday, I’ll be announcing a giveaway, with my newest sponsor, Southern Nest.
P.S. I know I had a lot of readers interested in the Emery flats I wore last week.  Well, J.Crew Factory has re-stocked them, but I’m guessing they’ll sell out fast again, so get them while you can!  Plus, they’re currently on sale, for $68.50, regularly $98.
Here are some other J.Crew Factory new arrivals, I’m loving at the moment…

 Flower Bib Necklace

(only $45, on sale)
(only $22.50, on sale)
(only $66.50, on sale)
For the girls.
For the boys.
TGIF, Y’all!

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  1. you may have done a post on this before, but do you have any tips for dressing for winter baby showers? It seems like I always overdress, in a dress and cardi, when nowadays everyone always wears jeans. (ick!)

  2. I love this post! So much packed into one post! I'm a new follower and happy I stopped by. Hope your little ones feel better!

    oh – and love your J Crew picks (went a little crazy myself too…oops!) and the Demoiselle necklaces are great too!

    Will definitely be stopping by more often. Happy Friday!


  3. So glad I read your post today! Just got the pink Hunters for my daughter on I had to order a size larger than what she really is, but we'll just double up on socks. She is thrilled. Now I just need some for myself. What color are yours? I just can't decide…..

  4. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! As a teacher and mommy to two boys (5 and 10 months), I've had a hard time getting out of a style rut. Your blog has given me so much inspiration on ways I can be true to my personal style while being work appropriate and comfortable enough to be on the floor with my 2nd graders! Thanks!

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