Fashion Friday: VV Shop for a Cause, EMack TY and Celebrity Guess Who?

Happy Friday!  Another beautiful, cool day here.  I’ve got two wedding showers to attend tomorrow, so I’m hoping the weather is just as beautiful as it is today!  Warning: Lots of randoms in my post today.

Cheap thrills for my kids, but such is the life of a two and almost four year-old – Yo Gabba Gabba and Fresh Beat Band are having their cross-over show today on Nickelodeon at 11:30a.  W and E are so psyched!
Here are a couple of events this weekend, that unfortunately I’ll have to miss, but would love to attend!  Are any of you attending?


via US Weekly
Guess Who?  This was her yearbook photo in 2004!
Has she had work done or not?  Thoughts?  The article alleges a nose job and eyebrow lift.
Either way, she was still pretty then, too.


Nail Color: Essie ‘Off the Shoulder’ (W picked it out at the store.)

Thank y’all so much for voting in the Wear It and Pair It Elizabeth McKay Photo Contest.  While I didn’t win, I received one of these very cool elephant key fobs as a consolation prize, with a personal letter from Elizabeth.  Very, very thoughtful!

If you haven’t entered my Stella & Dot Giveaway, click HERE.  It ends next Wednesday!
Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!
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  1. I read the article about her in US Weekly – on the cover it made it seem like they had all this dirt on her, but she still seems pretty normal to me after reading the article. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a little plastic surgery!

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