Fashion Friday: This or That?

Pink or Gold?

They’re both marked down from $128, to $84.90, and nearly all sizes are still available.

We’re getting some work done to our house, so it’s been a little crazy around here lately.  Basically, we’ve had to be out of the house all day, everyday, since Wednesday.  Thankfully, we’re still able to sleep here, but the workers made it clear that they don’t want little kiddos running around their work space.  Well, they were supposed to be finished today, but you know how that goes…now they’re hoping for next Wednesday!  Ugh.  At least they’ll be gone tomorrow and Sunday.
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: This or That?

  1. STOP before you buy these! I got the pink ones for Christmas and there were major problems. For starters I had to buy 3 sizes larger than my normal size to fit length wise and then, the over all fit was off— think flash sale driving mocs, but far worse. Second, they have a cute leather label below the heel that is actually terribly uncomfortable. I desperately wanted these and I tried to make them work, but when I compared them to my current slippers I realized they just weren't all! There is a reason they still have all sizes.

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