Fashion Friday: Summer Hats

With many of you heading to the pool, lake and beach this summer, a hat is a must!  Whether it be a straw hat or baseball cap, anything to keep the sun off your face is so important to avoid those UV rays and extra wrinkles.  I know your sunglasses are always in tow, but nothing keeps the sun off your entire face like a hat.  And the fedora hats are so in style right now, but unfortunately they don’t do much for shading your face.

I tend to wear baseball caps.  My favorites are by far Vineyard Vines.  They’re so soft, and they always offer a variety of colors to choose from.

Sidenote: Vineyard Vines has some other great accessories this summer, as well.
They even have their own silly bands.
Just got these croakies a couple of weeks ago, and love them!
Navy and pink is always a perfect combination,
but purple and pink is pretty great, too. 🙂

Here are some other great hats, that I’ve found lately…

So there you have it!  Lots of options.
Which will you choose as your go-to hat this summer?
Hope y’all have a lovely weekend!
P.S. I’ve updated the blog sale with some Lilly dresses.  Click here to have a look.

Also, how did everyone do at the Rue La La Lilly sale today?
What all did you get?  I’d love to know!

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Summer Hats

  1. I wish I could pull off hats but I just look silly in them. Vineyard Vines is a great company. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. I'm all about hats this summer, too. I got the cutest Marley Lilly hat that is bright pink! A friend got a J.Crew fedora like that Banana one. I don't know if I can pull it off, but I'm kinda wanting one now. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have the J.Crew straw hat! It accompanied me on the beaches of Jamaica a few weeks ago on my honeymoon! It was perfect! Love it!

  4. I tend to stick to my Polo hats while lifeguard. They're great for keeping my fair skinned and light hair from being burnt. Paired with those Vineyard Vines croakies and my Lilly P koozie, it makes for a better day at the pool.

  5. I love big, floppy hats but if I'm just headed out to the pool or am on the water I prefer a baseball cap–it's less fussy! I've had my eye on a Southern Proper one for a while now!

  6. Cute hats! Although I never feel like I can pull them off! I like the Jcrew one though! I got the Sadie, and 2 Janets from Rue La La! Were you able to get anything? I think it all sold out! 🙂

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